Thursday, 22 September 2016

After a short hiatus over the summer, the Archivist's blog is back! We're kicking this academic year off with a request from Karen, one of our volunteers:

Hello my name is Karen and I volunteer in the archive helping to research and catalogue school caps. While some of the caps are quite obvious to classify, there are a few that I am unsure of. I wonder if anyone might be able to identify one, or all, of these caps?

  1. Purple and gold velvet cap.
  2. Plain grey wool cap with red button on top.
  3. White and maroon cotton cap with hand-stitched school crest.
  4. Cream coloured wool cap with red and blue embroidery and the Initials, B.C.L.T.C.
  5. Red, black and tan wool cap.
  6. Half purple, half white wool cap.
  7. Dark blue wool cap with coloured thread featuring a crown and anchor.

Thank you!

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