Written by Jane Haviland (F. 1979-81)
Friday, 01 November 2002

This is just a note in my new capacity as President of the Association to say hello, and thank you to Richard for all his hard work over the past two years; he is a hard act to follow. I am pleased to be the first woman president particularly in the run up to celebrating 30 years of girls at the College.

We had our first Committee meeting in September, which had an almost 100% attendance which was really pleasing. We discussed a number of things and the key actions are outlined below.

I have several key objectives, some of which are of a domestic nature in terms of trying to work more closely with the College. This would include improving our OBA office infrastructure and IT capacity, together with investigating how we can become more closely linked with the College intranet. We are aiming to foster links with the housemistresses and masters - in particular to try and increase the numebr of OBs (the Comittee members initially) giving career talks and, if possible, to attend House assemblies to talk about a variety of issues including careers, functions of the OBA and how it can work for the individual.

In a wider context we are aiming to increase the number of old girl (and mixed!) events starting with two hockey matches, one for the girls and one for the boys, on Sunday 15 December at the New Ground as well as an OB netball match and rugby match next year in September on OBs day - there has been mention of a challenge to the College from the "Dream Team"! I will be working with Clare Connor, Peter Withers, Michael Edmunds, Housemistresses and Giles Stubbs (as the newest member of the Committee) to arrange a major event to celebrate the 30 years of girls, with perhaps a series of smaller, more local, events. In addition we are going to try and integrate more overseas OBs; for example, on my forthcoming holidays to Chicago and New Zealand, Fiona will give me some contact names for me to get in touch with while I am away.

As last year, we are inviting OBs to celebrate Remembrance Sunday - it was a fine service last year and I would encourage as many of you as possible to come. If you would like to attend and partake of the lunch afterwards, please contact Fiona in the OBA office.

Well that is probably enough from me - I hope to hear from you with any ideas for future events together with how we can work together to make the OBA an organisation which works and benefits all of us.

Jane Haviland (F. 1979-81)
OBA President

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