Written by Sir John Chilcot (H/S 1952-57)
Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The College will swing wide the gates this evening to welcome all to the Midnight Mass in the Chapel. Many of those attending will end up sitting in the wings of the Chapel that were added by Sir Thomas Jackson after the Great War.

So seamlessly does it now fit into the College Chapel that many do not know that it was added to commemorate the Old Brightonians who died. Though of course their names are etched on the wall, and the Union Jack, which floats across the wall, gives some hint of the sacrifice made for god and country. Plans are in place to add a further monument, this time a bronze statue, which will stand outside the chapel, and I look forward to seeing this project progress in 2015.

As an Old Brightonian, it has my whole-hearted support. It is important to remember our dead, those young boys, some of whom left straight from the College to the dreadful battlefields never to return. It is equally important of course to remember the living, our friends and loved ones who surround us daily, and some of whom we may also have lost touch with.

The Old Brightonians at one time printed a directory of names and addresses to help us all keep in touch. However this is no longer possible, but I am glad to say that there is an on-line directory. Here you can update your details and also look up fellow Old Brightonians. The devil is in the detail of course, and once signed up on-line, with a password, you do have to give permission for your details to be visible to other OBs. I would encourage you to sign up and look up friends that you may have lost touch with. In the past few years, as President of the Old Brightonians, I have had the great pleasure of meeting many old friends, renewing acquaintances and raising a toast (or two) to the College.

So this year, my fellow Old Brightonians, I give you my best wishes, a toast to those who we have lost, to those who are yet to be re-found, and to our shared time at Brighton College.

My good wishes to all Old Brightonians, and a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all of you.

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