Monday, 23 October 2023

Adriana Garcia Alumbreros (Wi. 2017-22), gets set to run 10km for Young Minds and CALM on 12 November. 

Speaking of why she wanted to take action to support young people's mental health, Adriana told us: 

I am currently pursuing a Joint Honours degree in English Literature and French at UCL which has proven a wonderful academic and personal experience. However, what is truly making my time at UCL remarkable has been the sense of independence I gained from Brighton College; a quality that I attribute both to the exceptional education and the support of my own parents. This independence empowers me to lead a fulfilling life, enabling me to prioritise my well-being, cultivate healthy coping mechanisms in times of adversity, and establish a strong support network. Regrettably, I have observed that not everyone at university enjoys the same level of happiness and support. Witnessing the growing number of unhappy young adults around me has inspired me to take action.

Therefore, I will be running a 10km race on 12 November to raise funds for two vital mental health charities: Young Minds and CALM. These organisations are dedicated to raising awareness and providing support to those battling mental health challenges, particularly among young individuals. If you are willing to assist in any way, whether through sharing this cause with friends or contributing to the fundraising effort, I would be immensely appreciative.

To follow her journey or donate, you can visit Adriana's fundraising page






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