Monday, 12 July 2021

Recent graduate, Ellie, has won "The John Lewis and Partners Award for Design and Innovation" for her product, the Terracooler.

Her work is currently being exhibited online at New Designers, alongside many other talented graduates. The Terracooler is a modern take on the ‘zeer pot’ which is an ancient method of cooling that dates back to 3000BC. 

Ellie says:

"The UK produces 14 million tonnes of food waste each year. 10% of household energy is used by domestic fridges. Why are we wasting electricity on food that we then waste?

A collection of three double-walled slip cast pieces that are designed to keep vegetables, fruit, and dairy cool. The hollow handles allow the user to pick each unit up, whilst providing a spout for the water to be poured through. The porosity of the terracotta absorbs the water, cooling the food as it evaporates. Terracooler not only reduces energy consumption for food that should not be stored in a fridge but makes the user more aware of food storage and less likely to let good produce go to waste. 

I am so pleased that John Lewis has recognised my work and awarded me with the John Lewis and Partners award for Design and Innovation. It is such great exposure and I hope to use it as a platform to promote sustainable design"

Head to Brighton College Connect for more images of Ellie's fantastic Terracooler.

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