Monday, 18 January 2021

If you're looking for a tasty, healthy treat then the Chisholm brothers' new venture could be right up your street.

Founded by rugby-playing brothers Ali (Du. 2009-11) and James Chisholm (Du. 2011-13), Choccy Nut Pot is a new and exciting chocolate pudding pot packed with protein and great taste. It’s a real mixture of a product and the inspiration came from 3 different sources: protein bars, healthy snacks and chocolate treats.

For James, this is an exciting project outside of rugby whilst he continues to play professionally at Harlequins. Ali, who founded the product, returned to Brighton College in 2019 to coach rugby whilst also launching the business.

Ali says:

“As a sports person, I was always eating protein bars to get that hit of protein after training but struggled with the taste and texture. I was always conscious of healthy eating, snacking on nuts and fruit throughout the day, but always found them boring and lacking in taste. What’s more, I love chocolate and desserts, always wanting to eat treats, but always felt guilty whenever I did eat something a little bit naughty. So, I started playing around with different recipes and Choccy Nut Pot was born. I wanted to create something for everyone, which has great taste, is a little bit naughty, but has a real blend of healthy ingredients and gives me a good amount of protein.”

The full range is available online and includes flavours like peanut butter, mint chocolate and banana.

Find out more about Choccy Nut Pot on their website, and use discount code PELICAN for a special Brighton College discount.

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