Written by Cathy Drew-Beresford
Friday, 24 January 2020

Idealistic thoughts of good peace terms? Citizens rejecting the leadership to whom it now follows? Nearly 2,500 years later and still the political themes present in Aristophanes’ Frogs are of great pertinence to us today. OB Ellice has produced this year's UCL Classic department play, which is set within the backdrop of the artistic and social movement of Futurism.

From Wednesday 12 February – Friday 14 February the 2020 UCL production of this adaptation of an Ancient Greek classic will be being performed at the Bloomsbury Theatre. Classics student, Ellice, translated and modernised the play herself, and the show features original music, dance and rap. The show is in its 33rd year and these series of plays sell out every year. It is also accompanied by a programme of workshops and lectures.

Tickets can be purchased through the UCL event booking website.

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