Friday, 07 September 2018

Brad Vanstone (Sc/Ab. 2004-09), Deputy Head of School and Head of Abraham House 2008-2009, recently founded a plant based cheese company based in Amsterdam. Brad uses a variety of nut and tofu bases to create similar flavours and textures to conventional dairy cheese.

This was perhaps not the most obvious path for the grandchild of a West Country dairy farmer. However, his entrepreneurial skills have developed since selling coca-cola cans and sweets to fellow boarders at Brighton College in his teenage years!

Brad is currently selling at markets, into health stores, and to a spread of restaurants across Amsterdam. He plans to perfect his production, recipes and broaden his distribution for the rest of the year before targeting supermarkets and a more permanent production facility in 2019.

His plant based cheese is not yet available in the UK but Brad assures us this will have changed by next year.

You can follow Brad's Plant Based Cheese on Instagram here.

Brad Vanstone (Sc. 2004-09) founds his company Plant Based Cheese

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