Sir John Chilcot (H/S. 1952-57), Jill Sherratt (Director Of Philanthropy), Clive Nicholls
Written by Morgan Griffiths (Hampden 2003-08)
Thursday, 18 April 2013

The inaugural drinks for Oxbridge OBs were held on Thursday 18th April at the Oxford & Cambridge Club. Hosted by Old Brightonians President and Hon. Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge, Sir John Chilcot (H/S. 1952-57) the drinks were a great success, proving to be a jocular evening with much bating between OB Oxford & Cambridge graduates.

Chris Pett (H. 1962-67) generously welcomed all, and waxed lyrical about the many benefits not only of the OB network but also membership of the Oxford & Cambridge Club, (which did indeed prove a very good venue and the service was immaculate throughout the evening). Sir John Chilcot added his welcome as President of the Old Brightonians, and hoped that this would be the first of many such occasions, also requesting that the OB network review other such university gatherings.

Head Master Richard Cairns, updated the assembled OBs with news from the College, including the stunning new Jubilee Pavilion (down at the renamed New Ground - now the Jubilee Ground), the new boarding house due to open in September, which completes the original quad as conceived by Sir Thomas Jackson, and the plans for a wonderful new Music Department overlooking the Home Ground, right at the heart of the College. Richard noted that despite the ever-growing numbers, and the brilliant academic achievements of pupils at the College that OBs should rest assured that the College had not become a 'hot house'. Brighton College pupils are allowed to flourish, individuality is always encouraged and allowed to blossom, but that pupils are challenged educationally by the splendid teaching staff in place. This was beautifully underlined as Madeleine Sava (W. 2004-09) swept in just in time to give her speech, having travelled from Hertford College, Oxford that afternoon. In a poetic flurry of pre-finals dread, Madeleine delivered a heart-felt speech about her time at the College, and how much more she appreciated it now she had left. She told tales of locking herself in her room with fellow Williams housemates, and instead of getting into dire trouble how impressed her House Mistress had been with their initiative in taking off the door handles whilst protesting against attending lessons that day. Madeleine regaled the room with her tales of being chased to get work in on time, and the full sporting and academic life she had enjoyed at the College, and continued to enjoy at Oxford (taking up the role of Sports Federation President for 2013/14 after graduating). Hugely impressive as always, Madeleine added a touch of glamour and humour and after the speeches the assembled OBs settled in to enjoy a wonderful evening catching up with each other and making new acquaintances.

'It was fascinating to talk to former teachers and housemasters, as well as pupils from past generations, to get a fuller picture of Brighton College life: the difference between "then" and "now", a "behind the scenes" view of daily College life, as well as hearing about the grand building projects. From a more specific point of view – and, indeed, a more self-interested one as a former student of music! – it is great to hear that Mr Chenery the music department will finally be welcomed up on campus!'.

In attendance:

Peter Mornement (School 1942-47)

Michael Newton (Aldrich 1945-51)

Leonard Rea (Hampden/Chichester 1946-1951)

John Chilcot (Hampden/School 1952-1957)

Stephen Cockburn (School 1953-1958)

Chris Davison (Aldrich/Bristol 1953-1959)

James Thring (Bristol 1955-1961)

Peter Stokes (Durnford 1956-1961)

Tony Champion (Bristol 1959-1963)

Peter Cockburn (School 1959-1964)

Keith Best (Hampden 1962-1966)

Gamon McLellan (Aldrich 1962-1967)

Chris Pett (Hampden 1962-1967)

Robin Sutton (Chichester 1963-1967)

Robert Weir (Hampden 1962-1967)

Charles Minchin (Hampden 1963-1968)

John Polsue (Bristol 1965-1969)

David Barnes (Hampden 1965-1970)

Christopher Sokol (Bristol 1966-1970)

Mark Green (Aldrich 1973-1978)

Menhaj Huda (Chichester 1980-85)

Justin Butler (Aldrich 1985-1990)

Jon Draffan (Chichester 1986-1991)

Paul Butcher (Leconfield 1991-96)

Sam Carter (School 1995-2001)

Chris Wright (School 1996-2001)

Phoebe Haines(Williams 2004-2006)

Abigail Lappo (Williams 2002-2007)

Charlotte Hogg (Williams 2005-2007)

Morgan Griffiths (Hampden 2003-2008)

Madeleine Sava (Williams 2004-2009)

Simon Smith (Brighton College Common Room 1973-2011)

Tony Whitestone (Brighton College Common Room 1971-2006)

Richard Cairns Head Master

Alan Bird Deputy Head Master

John Weeks Deputy Head Master

Joe Carr-Hill Acting Head of 6th Form, Director of Studies

Jill Sherratt Director Of Philanthropy

Debra Chalmers Director of Development & Alumni Relations

Rebecca Findlay Old Brightonians


Ralph Abraham (Bristol 1959-1963)

Georgina Aisbitt (Williams 2007-2009)

Issah Abdul-Moomin (Abraham 2009-2011)

James Adutt (Leconfield 1982-1987)

Victoria Baines (Fenwick 1990-1995)

Timothy Bavin (Chichester 1949-1954)

James Baxter (Ryle 1998-2003)

David Benjamin (Leconfield 1940-1942)

Max Bertrand (Aldrich 2006-2012)

Louis Bickler (Hampden 2006-2011)

Fergus Blair (Hampden 2007-2011)

Christopher Bowles (Aldrich 1990-1995)

Philippa Burbidge (Williams 1990-1995)

Phillipa Cockman (Fenwick 1976-1978)

Chloe Coker (Fenwick 1994-1999)

Martin Colebrook (Bristol 1948-1952)

Christopher Cook (Hampden 1990-1995)

Bill Davidson (Hampden 1934-1939)

Stephen Fletcher (Leconfield 1967-1973)

Alexandra French (Williams 1992-1994)

David Gosling (School 1959-1962)

Mark Haworth-Booth (Durnford 1958-1962)

Tony Holt (Chichester/Hampden 1952-1960)

Nicholas Hooton (Bristol 1974-1978)

Rachel Hunter (Williams 2005-2010)

Kenny Ives (Durnford 1990-1995)

Richard Jolly (Aldrich 1948-1953)

Helena Jones (Chichester 2009-2011)

Philip Jones OBE (Bristol 1935-1940)

Denys Lloyd (Leconfield 1953-1957)

Timothy Lockwood (Hampden 1963-1968)

Tamzin Merchant (Fenwick 2000-2005)

Simon Middleton (Hampden 1986-1991)

Peter Myerscough (Hampden 1947-1952)

David Nelson-Smith (Hampden 1949-1955)

Andrew Potter (Bristol 1957-1962)

Joshua Prince (Hampden 2005-2010)

Clive Prior (Leconfield 1955-1959)

Shai Panja (Hampden 1991-1996)

Stephen Poole (Hampden 2003-2008)

Tom Prince (Hampden 2003-2008)

Michael Rees (Chichester 1949-1954)

Akeel Sachak (Leconfield 1975-1979)

Roger Saunders (Aldrich 1963-1968)

Alastair Sava (Aldrich 2002-2007)

Robert Skidelsky (Chichester 1953-1958)

Roland Singer-Kingsmith (Ryle 2001-2006)

Gordon Smith (Bristol 1946-1952)

James Stone (Ryle 2006-2011)

Amy Tims (Seldon 2004-2011)

Natasha Thompson (Fenwick 2008-2010)

Peter Vizard (School 1964-1968)

George Weller (Abraham 2007-2009)

Peter Weston (Bristol 1944-1948)

Michael Yorke Hampden 1956-1958)

Leo Zhou (School 2007-2009)

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