Friday, 16 June 2017

It was fantastic to see some of our 2012 Leavers at their 5 Year Drinks at BOUNCE in London on Friday 16th June.

Joined by members of the Common Room, Mr Bird, Miss Colins and Mr Grocott, we had a lovely time catching up with everyone and enjoyed a game or two of ping pong! Photos are already up on Brighton College Connect

If you would like to organise an OB event or reunion please do let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Mr Thanas Apilikitsmai (Ab. 2008-12)
Mr Harry Ashbee (Ab. 2010-12)
Mr Kasper Axelson (Al. 2007-12)
Mr Yassine Bahemou (Al. 2002-12)
Miss Natalia Bakhir (Fe. 2010-12)
Miss Sophie Beardsworth (He. 2010-12)
Miss Sophie Benton (Ch. 1997-12)
Miss Alice Best (Wi. 2010-12)
Mr Alan Bird
Miss Isobel Bogle (He. 2009-12)
Miss Josephine Buttress (Wi. 2010-12)
Mr Jack Davies (Du. 2010-12)
Miss Alice Elias (He. 2007-12)
Miss Emily Gaffney (Se. 2005-12)
Miss Isabella Grainger (Fe. 2007-12)
Mr Harry Grocott (Le. 1997-12)
Miss Daisy Handley (Ch. 2005-12)
Miss Gabriella Harris (Se. 2007-12)
Mr Christopher Ho (Ab. 2008-12)
Miss Corinne Hull (Ch. 2005-12)
Mr Frank Jarman (Du. 1997-12)
Mr Charlie Jeyes (Du. 2010-12)
Miss Lavinia Johnson (Wi. 2010-12)
Miss Abigail Latham (Ch. 2010-12)
Miss Sarah Locke (Wi. 2010-12)
Mr William Marks (Du. 2001-12)
Mr Billy Meboroh-Collinson (Du. 2010-12)
Mr Anthony Merrett
Miss Veronika Neroj-Kleszcz
Mr Jamie Newton (Le. 2007-12)
Mr Philip Papasavvas (Le. 2004-12)
Miss Olivia Patteson-Knight (Fe. 2010-12)
Mr James Phillips (Ha. 2004-12)
Mr Matthew Pluckrose (Du. 2010-12)
Mr Hugh Richards (Ha. 2007-12)
Mr George Shaw (Al. 1999-12)
Miss Leora Taratula-Lyons (Ch. 2005-12)
Mr Teddy Truneh (Le. 2007-12)
Mr Tom Vaupel (Ab. 2010-12)
Miss Bethany Welch (Ch. 2010-12)

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