Written by John Beever (D. 1972-76)
Monday, 13 March 2006

Married with teenage daughter. Spent 10 fruitless years in Estate Agency relieving the public of their hard-earned... just too honest.

Qualified as a commercial pilot/flying instructor in 1992 which set me up nicely for my long-held dream of becoming a Hackney Carriage Executive (Taxi-driver). Where did it all go wrong ? My apologies to Richard Wolley (Durnford Housemaster) and William Blackshaw (Headmaster). I have failed you. I am still mastering Charlie Parker bebop saxophone so I am fulfilled (I think) but impoverished. We meet Wednesdays at the Globe Pub, Newlands Road, Worthing if anyone is interested.

Happy memories of the 1970's. I recall The Broadley Brothers, Colin Smith, Simon Burkitt, David Vokins, Ian Sinclair, Paul Brown(with an e!), Mini Smith, Paul Samrah. Cheers to you all.

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