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Written by Ashlea Branch-Parker (A. 1994-08)
Friday, 15 November 2013

I'm raising money to spend just over two weeks out in Kenya / Tanzania to teach English, Maths and to build shelter/accomodation for those who tragically had their homes taken away from them and are currently 'living' in Shanty towns.

Conditions are unimaginable for them and so I'm looking to raise money for this cause. The second week will be the climb; five days to get up and two to get down.

I'll be going out in June 2014 with 29 other people from the University of Leeds RAG society and I'll be ever so grateful if you could help me get out there.

I'll say now that £1,225 of the money raised will go to the charity whilst the rest is for expenses not only for myself but for our group as well.

If anymore than the target is raised then that too will also go to the charity; meaning I'll be able to do more work out there. Hopefully you feel it's a worthy cause and thank you so much in advance for donating.

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