Written by Patrick Lyford (C. 1949-55)
Friday, 18 August 2006

Not so much news but thanks to Mike Senyard for producing a long-forgotten photograph which I took of Norman "Nero" Frith half a century ago! How very interesting - does he have any other photos?

I remember also taking 16mm film of "Nero" consuming a sandwich - much hilarity when run backwards with the sandwich being "reformed".

Also a sad comment on the death of Peter Gough: I only saw Peter twice after I left Brighton in 1956. First time was on the River Thames, when I was cruising up-river with my family. Peter and Daphne were in a punt, Peter poling and Daphne reclining in the stern, listening to music on an old wind-up gramophone. We had a delightful tea with them in their riverside cottage above Abingdon.

The last time I saw him (and Michael Cardew) was at Bob Alexander's house - sadly, Bob, Michael and Peter have all passed on.

Peter was a lovely man, very artistic, producer of many of the College plays and Officer i/c RAF section of the Combined Cadet Force.

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