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18 June 2021

To celebrate Father's Day we spoke to a father and son who have both passed through Brighton College. Paul (Le. 1972-77) is a Chartered Accountant and Seb (Le. 2009-16) graduated from the University of Birmingham last year.

10 June 2021

Huge congratulations to Marcus (Le. 2011-17), who has been named the Rugby Players' Association Young Player of the Year.

04 June 2021

Ronald Levy (Br. 1949-57) was the oldest of the three Levy brothers to attend Brighton College – with Edward (Br. 1956-62) and Gerald (Br. 1959-64) following in his footsteps through the school.

03 June 2021

Keith (Br. 1950-55), who came to the College in 1950 and left as Head of House, has dedicated his life to delivering life-changing eye surgery to patients in Africa.

26 May 2021

Laura Marsh (Fe. 2000-05) has launched Laura Marsh Cricket Coaching: an online coaching platform for developing spin bowlers. 

19 May 2021

Macy Young (Se. 2005-18) has attained one of the very few sought after places at an incredibly competitive top drama school to study a BA Hons in Acting.

18 May 2021

Fleur (Wi. 1999-2004) is Communications Director for In Defense of Animals and lives in San Francisco. She's a passionate animal rights campaigner and has travelled all over the world fighting for animals lives. She spoke to us about how she knew from an early age that she needed to work to protect animals and that she'd actually be quite happy on a desert island.

20 May 2021

William Bicknell-Found (Ha. 2010-15) and his comedy troupe are performing at this year's Brighton Fringe Festival.

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