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19 December 2006 My wife, Maggie and I welcomed our daughter, Libby to the world on the 9th of May, 2006 in Miami, FL. We have since relocated to North Carolina and are enjoying getting to know the local golf courses (still searching for a pub that shows rugby)!
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31 December 2006

Ayan is one of four doctors to feature in a new BBC1 series that takes four GPs out of their surgeries and on to the streets of Britain to diagnose the public wherever they happen to be - on the street, out shopping, in the office or on the bus home.

30 December 2006 Have been married to my husband Gene for over 9 years and have just had our 11th Christmas together. We have 5 beautiful children,2 boys and 3 girls, and we are living in New York and planning to live here a long time due to the fact that my husband just retired from the U.S Army after 23 years. I am very blessed as I am a stay at home mum or as I call it a "Domestic Goddess". Enjoying life more than I ever thought I would and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Love to you all xxx.
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10 January 2007 Having 'retired' from the Parishes of Stratton and Launcells, in North Cornwall, I am currently doing part-time 'House-for-Duty' in the four small Parishes of Duloe, Herodsfoot, Morval and St Pinnock. My wife, Penny, and I hope to retire more completely in 2008. When I was the Parish Priest at Par, Cornwall, some years ago, Tony Lucock [L. 1996-60] lived nearby. His attendance as the top local Photographer raised the tone of many a Wedding! The only other OB I have seen in recent years (apart from my brother David) is a contemporary of mine, John Batty. I did meet two young Brightonians, James and Alex Manzoor, who were attending a family Wedding at Morval last summer.
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27 February 2007 Thomas passed the Army Officer Selection Board for a Commission in the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment in November 2006.
16 April 2007 I have been arranging and writing music for an upcoming West End production of "Kean" by Sartre. Produced by Thelma Holt CBE, directed by Adrian Noble and starring Sir Antony Sher in the title role - It will be playing at the Apollo, Shaftesbury Avenue, London, but is previewing at the Theatre Royal, Brighton 24th-28th April for anyone who is interested?! Most of the cast are RSC-associates and are wunderbar!
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30 April 2007 Andrew, who graduated last year from Brighton College with an A grade in A Level Dance, has successfully auditioned and been offered three secured places at the Laban Centre, The Place, home to Richard Alston Dance Company, and most recently Rambert Dance School. These are outstanding achievements, particularly as Andrew auditioned alongside boys from White Lodge and Elmhurst Ballet School. Other College dancers who are currently studying for degrees at vocational dance schools and at university include Emily Thomas (C. 2001-06) at London Studio Centre, Fenella Ryan (C. 2001-06) at Middlesex University, Roxanna Granville (W. 2001-05) at Coventry University and Catriona Lovie (W. 2003-05) who is in her second year at the Laban Centre.
22 May 2007 George a sculptor, painter, good cook, and proud owner of Elsa, a big shaggy gamboling Burmese Mountain dog, and in his spare time works for Cazenove & Co in the City. He is married to Tammy. On 27th April George and Tammy met for the first time their little boy, Louis...

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