01 January 2009

Sam Griffiths (S. 2005-08)

The Association is shocked and deeply saddened to have to report the death of this enormously popular former pupil of the College. Sam, a boarder in School House until June 2008, died after falling on to a railway track in the early hours of New Year’s Day.

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31 October 2008

Barry Meckiffe, formerly Crew, (S. 1953-58)

Barry Meckiffe, formerly Crew, (S. 1953-58) died in October 2007.

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15 October 2008

A tribute to W.Bro. John A. Stone (H. 1951-55)

W.Bro, John Austin Stone P.Pr.A.G.D.C, P.M.4104 died on the 16th June, 2008, after a very short illness.

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09 October 2008

Richard C Usherwood (S. 1953-56)

Richard C Usherwood (S. 1953-56) died on 9th October 2008, aged 71. He was Head Boy at Brighton College (1955-56) and a former master at Radley College.

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17 September 2008

Captain Alan B Haywood (B. 1945-49)

Captain Alan B Haywood (B. 1945-49) died on 17th September 2008. His funeral was be held on 30th September at Worthing Crematorium.

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25 June 2008

Peter Michaelis (L. 1947-53)

Peter Michaelis (L. 1947-53) died at home on 11th June 2008, aged 74. His funeral was on 25th June at the Surrey and Sussex Crematorium.

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16 June 2008

John Austin Stone (H. 1951-55)

John Austin Stone (H. 1951-55) died on the 16th June, 2008 aged 71 years, after a very short illness.

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01 June 2008

Alan Summarsell (A. 1967-72)

The Association was greatly saddened to hear that both Alan and his son Gareth died as a result of a tragic motorcycle accident on 1st June 2008. Sadly after a week in Leicester Royal Infirmary, his son Gareth, aged 25 also died from injuries caused in the accident. Alan leaves a wife, Chris and daughter Hannah.

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01 June 2008

Malcolm R S Playfoot (H. 1946-50)

Malcolm R S Playfoot (H. 1946-50) has died.

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11 May 2008

Luka Randic (L. 1994-96)

Luka Randić, Specialist Registrar in Emergency Medicine at Manchester Royal Infirmary (b 1978, q Manchester School of Medicine 2001, BM BCh; MFAEM 2005) died as the result of a road traffic accident on 11 May 2008.

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01 May 2008

John Eric Roles (C. 1951-56)

John Eric Roles (C. 1951-56) died 1 May 2008.

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16 February 2008

Warwick G. Haydon (Le.)

Warwick G. Haydon (L.) died on 16 February 2008.

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05 January 2008

David Clinch (S. 1964-69)

David Clinch (S. 1964-69) died on 5th January 2008 in the Royal Marsden Hospital.

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29 December 2007

Robert Gordon Fenwick (Wi/C. 1933-37)

Born: 20 September 1919 in London, died: 29 December 2007 in Adelaide - Robert Gordon Fenwick (Wi/C. 1933-37) died on 29 December 2007 in Adelaide.

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13 December 2007

Sir Robert N Soar (D. 1963-68)

Sir Robert N Soar (D. 1963-68) died on 13 December 2007 after an illness.

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01 December 2007

Major General E H W Grimshaw (G. 1925-29)

Major General E H W Grimshaw (G. 1925-29) who has died aged 96, won a DSO in Burma and saw repeated front-line service in a career which ranged from the North West Frontier of India in 1932 to the Eoka operation in Cyprus in 1956.

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23 October 2007

Miss Elsie Hawthorn (Headmistress of the Pre-Prep School in the 1980s - then known as Kingscliffe)

Miss Elsie Hawthorn (Headmistress of the Pre-Prep School in the 1980s - then known as Kingscliffe), passed away peacefully last Tuesday at the Earl Mountbatten Hospice on the Isle of Wight, following a lengthy illness.

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02 October 2007

Peter Rumney (H. 1937-39)

As many Old Brightonians will be aware, Peter died on 2nd October 2007. His memorial service at Bishop Hannington Church on 10th October was attended by several hundred friends from Peter’s wide range of interests, a tribute to the affection and respect in which he was held. Peter himself had a long association with Bishop Hannington Church as a member of the welcoming team “meeting and greeting” members of the congregation as they arrived for services in his own inimitable way.

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31 July 2007

Christopher C Bennett (B. 1957-61)

Christopher C Bennett (B. 1957-61), has died after his horse slipped in a muddy field during a hunt.

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23 July 2007

Audrey Chesterton has died

Audrey Chesterton, a teacher at Brighton College Junior School for some 25 years, has died. This is not an obituary but a memory of a colleague with whom I worked for ten years. Audrey joined the Junior School just after I had left to move on to the College, and it was her proud boast that she had completed over 100 terms by the time she finished.

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10 June 2007

David Fellingham (S. 1956-60)

David Fellingham (S. 1956-60) died on 10 June 2007 after a very short and unexpected illness.

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11 May 2007

Fred W. Hankins (College Staff, 1964-82)

Fred Hankins who died on the 11th May, was a member of the college staff from 1964-82.

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08 May 2007

Colonel Dennis Laferty Barratt (St. 1927-31)

Colonel Dennis Laferty Barratt (St. 1927-31) died on 8th May 2007.

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04 May 2007

Tony G D Clifton (C. 1947-50)

Tony G D Clifton (C. 1947-50) died on Friday 4th May 2007.

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07 April 2007

Rufus Happy Jukuri Harris (S. 1960-64)

In the summer of 1967 Rufus Happy Jukuri Harris (S. 1960-64), who has died of cancer aged 6, and the artist Caroline Coon formed Release, an underground organisation that provided legal advice and welfare services to young people arrested for drugs offences.

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22 February 2007

Brigadier John (‘Johnny’) Charles Clinch, CBE (S. 1935-40)

Brigadier John (‘Johnny’) Charles Clinch, CBE (S. 1935-40) died peacefully at home on 22nd February 2007. He had been ill with cancer for a comparatively short time.

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17 January 2007

Margaret Millar (staff, Durnford and Bristol Houses)

It is, I am sure, with sadness that past members of Durnford and Bristol Houses will learn of the death of Margaret Millar on January 17th of this year. It is certainly a matter of considerable regret for me, as I was in touch with her until last December.

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31 December 2006

John Denison

John Denison, who died on Hogmanay aged 95, was a central figure in Britain's musical life throughout the second half of the last century, first as music director of the Arts Council and then as the director of the South Bank Concert Halls.

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05 December 2006

Mr K H Wells (D. 1931-35)

Mr K H Wells (D. 1931-35) died on 5 December 2006.

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30 October 2006

HSH Prince Rujayakorn Abhakorn (B. 1931-34)

HSH Prince Rujayakorn Abhakorn (B. 1931-34) passed away on 30th October 2006 at the age of 90.

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09 August 2006

D M Yule (D. 1948-53)

D M Yule (D. 1948-53) died on 9th August 1996.

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28 July 2006

Peter Andrew (Head of Science until 1985)

Peter Andrew (Head of Science at brighton College until 1985) died on 28th July. He was 85.

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14 July 2006

John Denis Porter (H. 1939-43)

John Denis Porter (H. 1939-43) died on 14th July 2006 in Eastbourne.

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26 June 2006

Peter Gough (staff, 1946-66)

Peter Gough died at the age of 92 on Monday 26th June 2006 (following a stroke which may have been brought on by falling asleep in the sun) in the Royal Sussex County Hospital just 200 yards along Eastern Road from the school where he had been such an influential and much loved member of staff from January 1946 to July 1966.

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10 June 2006

Major Richard G S Tolson (Wi/D. 1932-37

Richard Tolson, who died on 10th June 2006, was the last of a trio of particularly scholarly and talented officers, all close friends, who have left us during the past two years. They were Matthew Lees (fine art and water colour painting); John Ainsworth (history, archives and travel writing); with Richard whose interests were literature, poetry and music.

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01 June 2006

Gerald Tessier-Varlet (B. 1950-52)

Mr Gerald Tessier-Varlet (B. 1950-52) has died.

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08 May 2006

Reverend Peter Francis Stirk (H. 1938-42)

The Rev'd Peter Francis Stirk (H. 1938-42) died on 8th May 2006.

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05 March 2006

Carl Rubra

My father, Carl Rubra, attended Brighton College between 1946/7 and 1948/9 I think.

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13 February 2006

Michael Walker Announces the Death of Malcolm McKelvey

Sad to report death of Malcolm McKelvey on Dec 29th 2005. He was Head of Music 1958 to 1962 and much of the little I know about music, I owe to him.

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01 January 2006

Richard Everton (S. 1934-40)

Richard Everton (S. 1934-40) passed away in January.

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01 January 2006

Joe Scourfield (H. 2004-06) has died

Joe Scourfield (H. 2004-06) has died after his long battle with cancer. Parents from all three schools have generously contributed towards a memorial to Joe Scourfield who passed away last year whilst a College pupil. As you know, the Joe Scourfield Memorial Fund has been established to assist the families of pupils who become seriously ill at one of our schools.

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01 January 2006

Air Vice Marshal Geoffrey Charles Eveleigh (S. 1927-31)


Air Vice-Marshal Geoffrey Eveleigh (whose wartime work greatly increased bombers' accuracy), who has died aged 93, was an RAF pilot who flew fleet fighters from the aircraft carrier Glorious and then specialised in signals to become the RAF's Director General of Signals.

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29 December 2005

Malcolm McKelvey (Head of Music at Brighton College 1958-62)

Malcolm McKelvey, the music teacher and choirmaster who has died aged 79, helped to mould the talent of some of Britain's leading figures in the world of classical music; his best known alumni include Charles Hazlewood, the broadcaster and conductor, Simon Joly, the conductor of the BBC Singers from 1989 to 1995, and Paul Hoskins, the Music Director of the Rambert Dance Company.

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06 December 2005

Brigadier Gordon Viner (Wal. 1931-34)

Brigadier Gordon Viner, CBE, MC and Bar (Wal. 1931-34), who has died aged 87, was awarded an MC in France in 1944 and a Bar in Germany the following year.

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10 November 2005

Lieutenant-Colonel Freddie Allen (S. 1927-27)

Lieutenant-Colonel Freddie Allen, who has died aged 92, won two DSOs in 1945 in the battles of the Ardennes and the Reichswald.

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06 November 2005

Robert Scott Alexander, Lord Alexander of Weedon, QC has died

Skilful advocate who led the takeovers and mergers panel and then served for ten challenging years as chairman of NatWest. Lord Alexander of Weedon, lawyer, Chairman of the Bar Council, 1985-86, and of National Westminster Bank, 1989-99, was born on September 5, 1936.

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01 August 2005

Dr Mervyn S Bell (H. 1950-55)

Dr Mervyn S Bell (H. 1950-55) died on 1st August 2005.

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02 July 2005

Oliver H Brown OBE (S. 1927-31)

Oliver H Brown OBE (S. 1927-31), SOE officer who trained guerrilla teams for the French and Dutch resistance. Died, 2nd July 2005, aged 91.

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12 June 2005

Duncan Stewart (A. 1947-52)

At a time when the College is celebrating 150 years of cricket, it is sad to report the death of one of our great cricketers, Duncan Stewart (A. 1947-52). After a long illness, bravely resisted, he died on 12th June at the age of 71.

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11 May 2005

Dr. John Noel Roberts Scatliff (C. 1929-33) born in 1914!

Was an accomplished man. Born in Sussex, England in 1914, a time of war. He graduated from Brighton College and qualified to the London University School of Medicine. In 1941 he earned his doctorate, creating thereby the fourth successive generation of Scatliff physicians.

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