18 January 2015

Reg Spicer Memorial - Sunday 18th January 2015

A memorial to celebrate the life and times of Reg Spicer, former Head Porter at Brighton College, was held on 18th January 2015.

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14 August 2014

Peter Farrar (Ch. 1938-42)

Peter Farrar (Ch. 1938-42), a former city education official of more than 30 years who helped set up some of Oxford’s most recognised institutions has died aged 89.

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18 July 2014

John Osborne (Ch. 1931-34)


It is with great sadness that the OB office announces the death of John Osborne (Ch. 1931-34) in Cheadle

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02 July 2014

Tony Bray (L. 1939-42)

Tony Bray (L. 1939-42), who died on July 2nd 2014 aged 88, was a stockbroker who was identified, last year, as the first serious boyfriend of the young Margaret Thatcher (or Margaret Roberts, as she was before her marriage to Denis Thatcher). 

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03 June 2014

Peter Blake-White OBE, OSt.J, QPM (St. 1927-33)

It is with great sadness that the OB office announces the death of Peter Blake-White OBE, OSt.J, QPM (Brighton College Stenning House 1927-33) in the Isle of White.

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23 May 2014

Reg Spicer (Head Porter 1988-01) has died

The Old Brightonians office is very sad to announce the death of Reg Spicer, retired Head Porter at Brighton College.

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16 May 2014

David William Robert Booth (C. 1964-70)

I have to pass on the sad news that my brother, David William Robert BOOTH, former Head of Chichester House, died today aged 63 after a long and valiant struggle against Motor Neuron Disease.

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02 May 2014

Christopher Cardew Ch. (1942-47)

Old Brightonian Christopher Cardew passed away very peacefully at home on the Isle of Man on 2nd May 2014. After leaving Brighton College he joined The Lancers and spent several years in the Canal Zone of Egypt.

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30 April 2014

Rosemary Crossley-Holland

The College is saddened to report the death of Rosemary Crossley-Holland. Many OBs will remember Rosemary from her Bristol House days.

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01 April 2014

Joan Christina Turnbull (nee Ransom)

Joan Christina Turnbull (nee Ransom) died on 1 April 2014 at St Peter and St James Hospice in East Sussex.

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25 March 2014

John Page (Master, 1954-85)

The OB office regrets to announce the death of John Page, MA (Oxon.), former House Master of Chichester and Hampden houses at Brighton College. He died peacefully in his sleep at home, after an evening of laughter and conversation with his beloved wife Jackie and relatives. John taught Classics at Brighton College from 1952 until his retirement in the late 1980s. 

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01 November 2013

Norman Fox, RSM

The OB office is very sad to announce the death of Norman Fox on Friday 1st November. Norman was the School Staff Instructor RSM at the College from 1997 until 2001.

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27 October 2013

Norman Francis Keith Wilson (C. 1934-39)

Died 27th October, 2013, Aged 93. He was born in Hove on 15th August 1920 then lived in Kemptown until the outbreak of war.


In 1934 he entered Brighton College as a boarder in Chichester House where his main achievements were to play in the 1st XI Cricket team, 1st XV Rugger team, and first team captain of Squash. He also took female parts in the Gilbert and Sullivan operas until his voice broke. He joined the Territorial Army in his last term and in May, 1939 was commissioned as a 2nd lieutenant in the Royal Engineers.

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23 October 2013

John Lawrence Gater (C. 1950-54)

Dear Oldbrightonians, I write to inform you of the death of my father, John Lawrence Gater.

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30 June 2013

Gerald Ernest Eborn (S. 1942-46)

Gerald Ernest Eborn (S. 1942-46), father of Rodney Eborn (S. 1968-73), sadly passed away on 30 June 2013 aged 84 following a hip operation at Salisbury hospital.

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31 May 2013

Martin Nimmo MA (Oxon) (H. 1960–65)

We are sad to report the passing of Martin Nimmo on Friday 31st May 2013 at Kings College Hospital, London following complications resulting from a number of medical conditions.

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15 May 2013

James Stuart-Smith (H. 1933-38)

Born September 13 1919, died May 15 2013, James Stuart-Smith was Judge Advocate General of the Armed Forces from 1984 to 1991.

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02 April 2013

Sergeant-Major S J Beckett

It is never too late to honour and pay tribute to a stalwart of Brighton College, who encouraged and inspired us as a friend during our time at the College. Sarge gave thirty seven years of loyal service from 1919 to 1956, being responsible for PT lessons, gymnastics, boxing, swimming and not forgetting school drill in the Quadrangle.

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02 March 2013

REPORT: Memorial for Rev Canon C J (Bill) Peters (Chaplain, 1950-69)

It is with great sadness that we report that the much loved Rev Canon C J (Bill) Peters (Chaplain, 1950-69) has died. The College held a Memorial to celebrate his life on Saturday 2nd March 2013.

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07 January 2013

Service of thanksgiving for well-loved theatre star Rick Peckham (A. 1965-69)

It is with great sadness that the OB office reports the death of Rick Peckham (A. 1965-69) just before Christmas. Rick had played with the OB Rugby Football Club in his time, and had kept in touch with many OBs from his days here.

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02 January 2013

Frank Hope Fellows (L. 1945-49)

Frank Fellows was born in Beckenham, Kent and moved to Brighton in 1935. The College was an obvious choice for his education as few boys could have lived closer: Walpole Road being not even a stone's throw away. Joining the College at the end of the war he "lived" in the tin huts as a member of Leconfield House. His fondest memory seemed to have been, when in charge of the 25-pounder field gun crew, firing a salute on the Annual OTC (later CCF) Inspection; the blast from the blank round breaking several windows in Walpole Terrace!

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07 December 2012

Miles Warner (S. 1982-87) 1968 - 2012

Miles entered School House in September 1982 and quickly showed his ability academically and on the sports field. He had a very receptive mind, enjoying mathematical and science subjects but his love of sport, particularly rugby, cricket and football, were to remain his focus in the ensuing years. He was Captain of numerous teams in the three major sports but also enjoyed hockey and cross country whilst at the College.

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01 December 2012

John Alexander Dougal (S. 1946-51)

It is with great sadness that we announce that John Alexander Dougal (S. 1946-51) of Beaconsfield passed away peacefully at home on 18th December 2012. The funeral service is to be held at the Chilterns Crematorium Amersham on Tuesday 22nd January 2013 at 12.30pm in the Hampden Chapel.

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21 October 2012

Flight Lieutenant William Louis Buchanan Walker (G. 1927-31)

Flight Lieutenant William Walker, who has died aged 99, was shot down in his Spitfire during the Battle of Britain and wounded. Late in his life, having become the oldest surviving pilot of the Battle, he wrote poetry in memory of his fellow aircrew.

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10 October 2012

Timothy Sinclair (A. 1979-83)

It is with great sadness that the OB Office reports that Timothy Sinclair (A. 1979-83), Headmaster of Sompting Abbotts Prep School, passed away at midday yesterday, Wednesday 10th October, having had a massive stroke.

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17 August 2012

Geoff Lees

We have with great sorrow to announce the death of Geoff Lees, who died on Friday 17th August after a prolonged illness stoically borne.

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11 July 2012

Professor Bob McMinn (H. 1937-41)

The Old Brightonians are sad to announce the death of Professor Bob McMinn (H. 1937-41). A great friend to the College, Bob delighted in the fact that when it was introduced the girls college uniform used Black Menzies, his own clan tartan. Bob was a great supporter of College projects, most recently making a gift to the Diamond Jubilee Pavilion.

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28 March 2012

Naishel Kelly Memorial Fund

Following the tragic death of pupil Naishel a fund has been established to erect a memorial to Naishel in the Brighton College chapel.

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21 March 2012

Alan Mann (L. 1950-53)

Alan Mann (L. 1950-53) died on 21st March 2012 aged 75. He was a part-time racing driver and team manager who ran a substantial part of the hugely successful Ford works racing effort in Europe from 1964 to 1969.

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14 January 2012

Sgt. Major Chris O'Connell Memorial Service

The Sgt. Major Chris O’Connell Memorial took place on a freezing January afternoon, but the warmth of feeling amongst the Old Brightonians who came to celebrate Chris’s life staved off the cold. Two former Headmasters were in attendance, Bill Blackshaw and John Leach, and Brighton College was represented by various staff including Deputy-Head John Weeks, Elizabeth Cody and Common Room President Steve Radojcic.

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20 November 2011

Michael Woodsmith (C. 1955-59)

Michael Ernest Woodsmith, May 19, 1941-November 20, 2011, beloved husband of Audrey Woodsmith, died of pulmonary fibrosis.

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10 November 2011

John Brian Eborn (S. 1945-50)

We are very sad to report the death of John Brian Eborn (S. 1945-50) on 9th October 2011 at the Princess Alice Hospice in Esher aged 78 years old.

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27 September 2011

Major A T Eeles (L. 1934-39) MC

Tony Eeles (L. 1934-39) enjoyed a reputation amongst those who served with him in battle as a brave and selfless leader. He was an enormously talented forward observation officer who used his skills to great effect in both the Second World War and the Korean War. Recommended for the MC on three occasions, he was an irrepressible young officer with a thirst for combat and a remarkably considerate manner towards his subordinates.

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14 March 2011

Professor Leslie Collier (H. 1934-37)

Professor Leslie Collier (H. 1934-37), who died on March 14 aged 90, was a virologist and bacteriologist who built on the earlier work of such scientists as Edward Jenner in helping to develop a vaccine that led to the eradication of smallpox; he also made major contributions to the understanding of trachoma, a disease which causes blindness in tropical countries.

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26 February 2011

Mrs Ros Nichol has died

The Association is very sorry to report the death of Mrs Ros Nichol.

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07 January 2011

Sgt Major Chris O’Connell - an obituary

Although not a member of the Common Room as such, Chris O’Connell became in his thirty year career at the College a truly legendary figure and, as one previous Headmaster has said, ‘simply the best Housemaster that convention prevented me from appointing’.

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28 November 2010

Geoffrey Crosthwaite (B. 1950-55)

Geoff Crosthwaite (B. 1950-55 ) who died, in Epsom Hospital, on the 28th Nov 2010 aged 73, after a long illness bravely fought, was a stalwart supporter of Bristol House and the College. He was of an adventurous nature which led to his discovery of part of an original 1860 Corps uniform, whilst on ‘drill’, cleaning the depths of the Armoury.

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23 November 2010

Donald A Carr (H. 1926-30)

Donald Adamson Carr died on 23rd November 2010 aged 98.

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12 October 2010

Geoffrey A W Jarman (B. 1928-31)

Geoffrey Jarman died on 12th october 2010.

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05 October 2010

Raymond T Wattenbach (D. 1946-51)

Raymond T Wattenbach died on 5th October 2010

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25 July 2010

David G Lacey (D. 1947-52)

David G Lacey (D. 1947-52) died on Sunday 25th July 2010 after a long illness. David attended the Royal Veterinary College in London and after gaining experience with other vets, ran his own practice in Sturminster Newton for 40 years before illness forced him to retire in 2000.

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29 June 2010

Dr. Ymke Warren (F. 1986-88)

The Association is immensely sad and horrified to have learned of the tragic death of Dr. Ymke Warren (F. 1986-88) at her home in Limbe, Cameroon on 29th June 2010.

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04 June 2010

David Dashwood (H. 1955-58)

David Dashwood (H. 1955-58), passed away on the 4th June 2010 at the Countess Mountbatten Hospice in Southampton.

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11 May 2010

Felix Cooper Robinson (D. 2004-07)

The Association is deeply saddened to report the death of Felix Cooper Robinson (D. 2004-07) on 11th May 2010 in a bus crash in Thailand.

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29 April 2010

Sarah Hanson (W. 1989-91)

Sarah was tragically killed in a car accident in South Africa on Thursday 29th April. Sarah lived near Durban and leaves a husband and three young children. Our condolences go to her family and to her parents, Dan (Head of Geography 1976-91, and housemaster of Aldrich) and Barbara Hanson.

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06 April 2010

David Quayle (C. 1950-55), Co-founder of B&Q

Born: 19 August, 1936, in Banbury, Oxfordshire, the distinguished Old Brightonian, David Quayle (C. 1950-55), died on board a cruise ship off the coast of South Africa on 6th April 2010, aged 73.

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29 March 2010

James E Ager (S. 1973-78)

It is with great sadness that we have to report the passing of James Ager on Monday 29th March. As in everything he did, he showed great strength and bravery in his fight over the last four years with Motor Neurone Disease.

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06 February 2010

Major Ian T P Ventris (D. 1933-37)

Major Ian Trevor Peyton Ventris died on Saturday 6th February 2010.

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28 January 2010

Jim Titcomb (A. 1945-49)

Jim Titcomb died at home in Maresfield on 26th January 2010 after being diagnosed with late-stage pancreatic cancer in September. Jim thoroughly enjoyed his successful time at Brighton College and, right up to the end, took an eager interest in the school, even visiting it 'on the QT' shortly after being diagnosed.

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14 January 2010

Kay Irving Holder (S. 1930-34)

Mr Kay Irving Holder passed away on January 14, 2010. He was a very kind, generous and honest person, who lived a full life, filled with lots of adventure. He had a great appreciation for languages and literature and enjoyed playing sports, particularly tennis and golf. Other pastimes included hunting, fishing and travelling. He travelled a great deal throughout his life, which he credits for his open mindedness, tolerance and acceptance of others.

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