Written by Alex Bremer (Ry. 1979-83), Site Administrator
Thursday, 16 January 2014

If ever a venue was most likely to draw a big attendance for one of the regular OB London Drinks evenings it was surely the Paramount Sky Bar on the 32nd floor of London’s Centre Point Tower. The attendee list was appropriately over-subscribed – a terrific indicator for the New Year.

I arrived with my brother, Jack Bremer (BCJS 1984-1994) to an already healthy-sized gathering of OBs from across the ages. The first characters I ran into were Jacki Vause (F. 1983-85) and Charlie Dove-Edwin (School 1976-1981).

The crowd quickly expanded even further and very quickly organiser Rebecca Findlay decided it was my job to take photos of everyone. This was actually something of a blessing (at least for me) since it meant that I got to meet pretty much everybody at some point throughout the evening.

Amongst our newest OBs were Tom Vaupel (A. 2010-12) and Jamie Tiru (F. 2011-13). Both are studying (or about to start) very grown up subjects at proper universities, and I was able to muster just about the right amount of knowledge to continue a reasonably informed discussion on the various periods of history that Jamie’ll be studying at Kings… I’m afraid I was quite unable to engage Tom to the same degree regarding his chosen subject of Engineering – but I did try. I didn’t even bother trying to discuss the accounting degree that Victor Law (A. 2009-13) has embarked upon, but bless him for thinking I might have been able to!

The senior generation was tremendously well represented this evening, most notably by Gavin Henderson (L. 1960-65), Miles Hutchins (S. 1961-65), Stephen Cockburn (S. 1953-58), Jeremy Hutchins (S. 1960-65) and Martin Buss (D. 1954-1958). All were on fine form and hugely entertaining. Martin looked particularly sprightful & well, perhaps due in no small part to the bright blue jumper he’d chosen to wear that evening.

As always I ended the evening deep in debate with Adam Belson (R. 1979-84) regarding the merits of various prog-rock bands (I think). My most reliable barometer of a “good evening out” is usually whether or not it ended deep in conversation about prog-rock with Adam…

With regards the venue, I’d say it’s probably worth a visit, but there are better & less pricey “high-point” bars in London; most notably the new Aqua Bar at The Shard – also on the 32nd floor of that remarkable building. But the view here was fantastic last night; London sparkled below us and we felt hugely grateful to be in the company of old and new friends, as well as to the generosity of the unnamed individual who underwrote what must have been a sizeable bar bill! Thank you!

Confirmed attendance:

Brighton College Staff:
Joe Carr-Hill, Director of Studies
Rebecca Findlay, Old Brightonians
Richard Grice, House Master Head's House
John Weeks, Deputy Head Master
Jill Sherratt, Director of Philanthropy

Tony Whitestone (Brighton College Common Room 1971-2006)

Old Brightonians:
Cecilia Difford (Fenwick 2008-2013)
Jonathan Ho (Abraham 2011-13)
Tessa Hutchinson (Fenwick 2006-2013)
Caroline Jeffery (Williams 2008-2013)
Victor Law (Abraham 2009-2013)
Cuztina Liu (Fenwick 2011-2013)
Michael Needham (Durnford 2008-2013)
Kiran Rajkumar (Hampden 2005-2013)
Hansy Shore (Seldon 2008-2013)
Jamie Tiru (Fenwick 2011-2013)
Poppy Trivedi (Chichester 2011-2013)
Kate Aspinall (Williams 2005-2012)
Yassine Bahemou (Aldrich 2002-2012)

Tom Vaupel (Abraham2010-2012)
Samuel Meikle-Small (Leconfield 2006-2011)
Donald Poon (Abraham 2007-2011)
Luke Redstone (School 2009-2011)
Priya Rogers (Williams 2009-2011
Paymahn Seyed-Safi (Hampden 2006-2011)
Alice Vickers (Seldon 2009-2011)

Ed Allison-Wright (Durnford 2001-2006)
Hannah Fish (Fenwick 2000-2005)
Anna Kay (Fenwick 2000-2005)
Jamie Edge (Ryle 1996-2001)
Sam Edge (Ryle 1996-2001)
James Ikonen (School 1998-2002)
Louis Dale (Hampden 1995-2000)
Robert Foxcroft (Aldrich 1995-2000)
Victoria Baines (Fenwick 1990-1995)
Jack Bremer (BCJS 1984-1994)
Tosin Ajayi (Fenwick 1990-1992)
David Gold (School 1986-1991)
Nina Humphreys (Fenwick 1989-91)
Simon Middleton (Hampden 1986-1991)
Alex Stovold (Durnford 1984-1989)
Adam Belson (Ryle 1979-1984)
Kevin O'Mahony (Ryle 1979-1984)
Mamdouh Barakat (Hampden 1978-83)
Alex Bremer (Ryle 1979-1983)
Miriam Bremer
Maurice Abboudi (School 1975-80)
Alan Chesterfield (Durnford 1973-1978)
Mark Green (Aldrich 1973-1978)
Shirley Waldron (Fenwick 1976-78)
John Nehls (Hampden 1972-1977)
Nicholas Allan (Hampden 1970-1975)
Gavin Henderson (Leconfield 1960-65)
Miles Hutchins (School 1961-65)
Jeremy Hutchins (School 1960-65)
Peter Cockburn (School 1959-64)
Martin Buss (Durnford 1954-1958)

John Aiken (Aldrich 1976-1981)
Thomas Aiken (Aldrich 2003-2008)
Richard Brightwell (Aldrich 1970-75)

Sir John Chilcot (Hampden/School 1952-1957) President of the Old Brightonians
Christopher Gates (Ryle 1985-1990)
Morgan Griffiths (Hampden 2003-2008)

Naushad Jivraj (Bristol 1973-1978)
Simon Lanyon (Chichester 1951-1956)

Christopher Long (Durnford 1984-1989)
Gamon McLellan (Aldrich 1962-1967)
Stephanie Mitchell (Williams 2003-2008)
Robert Older (Ryle 1996-2001)
John Polsue (Bristol 1965-69)Rachel Smith (Fenwick 1988-1990)
Simon Smith (Brighton College Common Room 1973-2011)

Justin Wash (Bristol/Chichester 1979-1984) 

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