Written by Rev W W Davidson
Thursday, 05 May 2005

Three months after leaving the College in July 1939 Henry, and his twin brother Bill. had both joined up at the same Recruiting Centre in Bristol. Both served for a time in the 51st Highland Division.Henry in the Royal Artillery and Bill in the Gordon Highlanders. Henry's war was from Alamein to the first wave of the landing on Sicily, D+1 in Normandy and on to Holland. He was then appointed Gunnery Instrucror to the British Military Mission to Denmark.

In 1946 he declined a Regular Commission in order to help rebuild the family Paint Manufacturing Company which had been destroyed by the last V1 to fall. It first hit the spire of Eltham Parish Church and then demolished the factory, burying our father alive. It proved impossible to rebuild the business. Life was difficult.

In 1954 he was made Technical Advisor to the Industrial Welfare Society. From 1956 -60 he was Industrial Advisor on the staff of William Temple College in Rugby.

In 1960 he was appointed as the first white Training Officer to the Ghanian Development Corporation .He was too successful and was threatened. He had to get out of the country in a hurry with just a few clothes over his arm.

In 1964 he returned to Africa for the Overseas Employers' Federation.He had a gift for training which was first spotted as a cadet and he was put in charge of the Artillery Unit. The first such unit in any Publc School O.T.C.

During his working life he was made redundant four times. He claimed that the last and best work he ever did was running his own successful Agency to help men who had suffered in the same way. It was called 'Fresh Start'.

At William Temple College he had met Dorothy Tate, an Analyst. She flew out to Kano in N, Nigeria where they were married with two Tribesmen in full dress as witnesses ! They were truly happy for 43 years and died within eighteen months of one another. There were no children.

He had been a wonderful brother for 85 years.

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