Saturday, 09 February 2013

Snow had fallen, snow on snow. But in the library of the sumptuous Lotos Club Old Brightonians found warmth and wonderful company at the OB New York Dinner, on Saturday 9th February 2013. Fortunately, some OBs had arrived before the snowstorms swept in and Brighton College staff had moved heaven and earth, well flights from New York to Philadelphia, and braved planes, trains, and automobiles to be present.

A slightly smaller but no less convivial crowd gathered on the chilly New York evening, and Head Master Richard Cairns warmly welcomed OBs with the latest news from the College. Many thanks to all those who tried but couldn't make it, and of course many thanks to those who did.

In attendance:

Peter Aubrey-Smith (C. 1957-62)

Alex Hitchen (C. 1985-1990) & Sabina Ptacin

Catriona Lovie Gidaly (W. 2003-2005) & Michael Gidaly

James Michael (A. 1983 1988) & Désirée Scherf

Mary Alice Parks (F. 2004-2005)

Graeme Thomson (D. 1973-1978)


Brighton College

Richard Cairns, Head Master

Alan Bird, Deputy Head Master

Jill Sherratt, Director of Philanthropy

John Weeks, Deputy Head Master & Mrs Liz Weeks



Ingram Losner (D. 1973-1978)

Maurice Abboudi (S. 1975-1980)

Stanley Abraham (B. 1952-1956)

Charles Alexander (L. 1943-1945)

Sami Ambar (C.1965-1968)

Martin Buss (D. 1954-1958)

Guy Bradshaw (R.1979-1984)

Sophia Chauchard-Stuart (F. 1985-1987)

Chris Christoforou (A. 1975-1980)

Kaveh Cohen (H. 1987-1989)

Neil Collett (H. 1945-1946)

Nigel Corlett (C. 1981-1986)

Dyke Davies (S. 1978-1983)

Bruce Elcock (D. 1977-1982)

Matthew Ellis (D.1984-1989)

Bob Gaffey (L. 1972-1975)

Tigger Gray (B. 1972-1975)

Richard Lewis (C. 1947-1959)

Tom McMahon (B. 1958-1959)

Matthew De Mendonca (L. 1993-1998)

David Mitchell (D/B 1966-1971)

Alan Moore (H. 1965-1975)

Ayako Iwata (F. 1993-1995)

Steve Nedeham Browne (A. 1956-1960)

David Newman (L. 1971-1976)

Desmond Preudhomme (C. 1976-1979)

Rachel Varughese (C. 2002-2007)

Gary Wang (B.1973-1978)

Angus Wathen (D. 1984-1989)

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