OBA Annual Dinner 2009
Written by Alex Bremer (Ry. 1979-83), Site Administrator
Saturday, 28 November 2009

This year’s dinner was a very well attended affair held in a warm and dry Dining Hall while the rain and wind lashed outside.

This notwithstanding the Diners enjoyed a wonderful speech from Old Brightonian Chris Terrill (A. 1965-70); a genuinely warm and heartfelt account of his time at the College whilst acknowledging that things have generally changed for the better for current pupils. It was good to see that he’d brought props, and these included his old boater... which seemed to still fit!

The Head Master’s speech included a fascinating account of the 47 first ever OBs’ time following their internship.

Post dinner feedback regarding the actual meal has been far less positive, and the Association is taking steps to ensure that future offerings are far better catered for (the “beef” main course is revisiting this author even as he writes!).

The meal, and the general feeling that we had somehow upset the catering staff, hardly dented my own enjoyment of the evening; I was joined on my table by a group of contemporaries to celebrate the 25 years since we left the old place. It was really terrific to see  Gary Browne (L. 1979-83), Benjamin Stott (R. 1979-84), David Manning (C. 1979-94), Innes Laing (A. 1979-84), Alison Taylor (F. 1982-84), Joey Appleton (D. 1979-84), Adam Belson (R. 1979-84), Philip Jenkins (B. 1979-82) and Sarah Hollinshead (F. 1982-84). Some of these characters I see fairly regularly, but we hadn’t seen Innes in 25 years! We all fell straight into the same good natured bonhomie that I remember so fondly, and all have vowed to stay in touch and “do it again soon”.

Those attending included:
Abraham, Neville (B. 1950-55) & Mrs Nicola Abraham
Abraham, Ralph (B. 1959-63) & Mrs Carmel Abraham
Abraham, Alenka (F. 2000-03)
Aiken, James (A. 1998-03) & Rachel Tripp
Aiken, John & Fiona (A. 1976-81 & F. 1979-81)
Amies (nee Cayley), Jane (F. 1976-77)
Appleton, Joey (D. 1979-84) & Mrs Angelica Appleton
Barnes, David (1965-70) & Mrs Barnes
Belson, Adam (R. 1979-84)
Bishop, Michael (C. 1960-65)
Blackshaw, Bill & Elizabeth
Blake, David (B. 1952-56)
Blake, John (B. 1957-61)
Bremer, Alex (R. 1979-83)
Brenan, James (L. 1972-77)
Brightwell, Richard (A. 1970-75)
Browne, Gary (L. 1978-83) 
Bush, Geoffrey (H. 1965-70) & Mrs Bush
Cairns, Richard – Head Master
Carr, Bob & Anita (S. 1973-78)
Chalmers, Debra (Staff)
Cockburn, Peter (S. 1959-64)
Cockburn, Stephen (S. 1953-58)
Corlett, Nigel (C. 1981-86)
Craig, Andrew (S. 1964-68) & guest
Dart, Jonathan (H. 1972-77)
Deacon, Mr & Mrs Mark (D. 1981-86)
Dodd, Ian & Margaret (H. 1955-60)
Evans (nee Bridgen), Amanda (F. 1975-77)
Galpin, David (A. 1963-67)
Gold, David (S. 1986-91)
Grabham, Guy (B. 1977-81) & Mrs Heather Grabham
Greig, Janet (F. 1975-77)
Hartop, Stephanie – Head of School
Hay, Nick & Carol (C. 1981-86/F. 1985-87)
Hooton, Nick (B. 1974-78) & Mrs Hooton
Hollinshead, Sarah (F. 1982-84)
Howard-Harwood, Mark & Basia (C. 1985-90 & F. 1988-90)
Ives, Kenny (D. 1990-95)
Jenkins, Philip (B. 1979-82)
Laing, Innes (A. 1979-84)
Leathes, Graham (A. 1962-67) & Ms Maureen Bridgeland
Loadsman, Tim (L. 1951-57)
Lund, Oskar (Staff)
Malby, Alan (L. 1972-77)
Manning, David (C. 1979-84)
Mitchell, Philip (H. 1960-65)
Morse (nee John), Sarah (F. 1984-86) & Mr Morse
Parker, Derek (H. 1960-64)
Pearce, Tim
Pett, Andrew (H. 1966-71)
Pett, Chris (H. 1962-67)
Ponder, Keith (S. 1964-69) & guest
Robinson, Philip
Samrah, Paul (L. 1972-77)
Shaw, Russell (A. 1972-77)
Smith, Simon – Second Master
Smyth, Oliver - staff
Sowerby, Richard & Lorraine (S. 1973-78)
Steer, Graham (H. 1972-77)
Stott, Ben (R. 1979-84)
Symonds, Andrew (A. 1955-59)
Taylor, Alison (F. 1982-84)
Terrill, Chris (A. 1965-70) & Mrs Terrill – Guest Speaker
Wade, Mr & Mrs Richard (H. 1981-86)
Walters, Matt (D. 1977-80)
Whitestone, Tony & Alison – OBA President
Worsdell, Geoffrey (B. 1973-78) & Mrs Worsdel

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