Thursday, 06 March 2014

The inaugural President's Luncheon was held on Thursday 6th March at The Travellers Club, Pall Mall. The Club was founded, in 1819, 'for gentlemen who had travelled out of the British Isles to a distance of at least five hundred miles from London in a direct line'.

Sir John Chilcot (Ha./Sc. 1952-57), who hosted the event at the club, welcomed guests warmly and paid tribute to Peter Miller (Ch. 1945-49) who had originated the Vice-Presidents' Luncheon Club some years earlier. Peter was presented with an engraved silver wine coaster from the Old Brightonians in grateful thanks of his support over the years. Ian White (Ha./Ch. 1956-62) delivered a detailed and interesting speech about the College today, and rather fittingly given the theme of the venue all about the Brighton College schools overseas. Assembled guests very much enjoyed a pleasant lunch in good company and the wonderful surroundings of the Library at The Travellers Club.

Many thanks to Sir John and to all those who attended.

In attendance:

Host: Old Brightonians President Sir John Chilcot (Hampden/School 1952-1957)

John Crosthwaite (Hampden 1946-1949)

Peter Miller (Chichester 1945-1949)

Clive Nicholls (Chichester 1946 -1950)

Colin Nicholls (Chichester 1946-1950)

Derek Jones (Chichester 1945-1951)

Peter Best (Aldrich 1951-1954)

Graham Mason (Leconfield 1948-1954)

David Nelson-Smith (Hampden 1949 -1955)

Jeremy Miles (Chichester 1951-1956)

Tim Loadsman (Leconfield 1951-1957)

Stephen Cockburn (School 1953-1958)

Tony Merrifield (Hampden 1953-1958)

Malcolm Paris (Aldrich 1954-1958)

Roger Mason (Chichester 1956-1959)

Ian White (Hampden/Chichester 1956-1962)

Michael Bishop (Chichester 1960-1965)

Simon Paterson (Leconfield 1961-1966)

John Polsue (Bristol 1965-1969)

Paul Samrah (Leconfield 1972-1977)

Tony Whitestone (Brighton College Common Room 1971-2006)

Brighton College

*Alan Bird Deputy Head Master, Development

Rebecca Findlay Old Brightonians

Ian McIntyre Director of Education & Deputy CEO BCIS

Angelina Papadopoulos Philanthropy Assistant

*Alan Bird would like to extend his sincere apologies for missing the event. Alan was unable to attend last minute due to illness. He was very much missed and the Old Brightonians would like to wish him the best for a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing and indeed hearing from him at another event soon.


Richard Batt (Hampden 1936-1940)

Edward Batt (Hampden 1939-1944)

Chris Apps (Hampden/Aldrich 1942-1946)

Eric Womersley (Chichester 1943-1947)

David Owen (Bristol 1945-1948)

Bob Rowland (Bristol 1943-1949)

Peter Bowles (Aldrich 1945-1950)

Geoff Havers (Chichester/Hampden 1945-1950)

Gerard Ryan (Leconfield 1946-1950

Leonard Rea (Hampden/Chichester 1946-1951)

Peter Dingemans (Durnford 1948-1952)

Gordon Smith (Bristol 1946-1952

Timothy Bavin (Chichester 1949-1954)

Richard Buxton (Leconfield/Bristol 1950-1956)

Graham Appleton (Durnford 1953-1957)

Robert Skidelsky (Chichester 1953-1958)

Andrew Symonds (Aldrich 1955-1959)

Ian Dodd (Hampden 1955-1960)

Rodney Fox (Hampden 1955-1961)

Rodney Langridge (Aldrich 1953-1961)

Tom Salmons (Leconfield 1957-1961)

John Carter (Hampden 1959-1964)

Peter Cockburn (School 1959 1964)

Gavin Henderson (Leconfield 1960-1965)

Andrew Scott (Hampden 1960-1965)

Timothy Corbett (Bristol 1962-1966)

Hugh Elphick (Aldrich 1960-1966)

David Keeling (Hampden 1961-1966)

Christopher Pett (Hampden 1962-1967)

Richard Brightwell (Aldrich 1970-1975)

Mark Green (Aldrich 1973-1978)

Fiona Aiken (Fenwick 1979-1981)

John Aiken (Aldrich 1976-1981)

Jane Haviland (Fenwick 1979-1981)

Alex Bremer (Ryle 1979-1983)

Joey Appleton (Durnford 1979-1984)

Julian Hunt (Durnford 1984-1987)

David Gold (School 1986-1991)

John Leach (Head Master, Brighton College 1987-1997)

Simon Smith (Brighton College Common Room 1973-2011)

Chris Bidwell

Janet Carter

Vivien Eborn

Geoffrey Miller

Jill Sherratt

Ann Titcomb

Hilda Williamson

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