Friday, 10 June 2016

Would you like to be part of the Entrepreneurship Programme during the coming academic year? The programme consists of a series of lectures and a House competition with a £10,000 prize pot for the three Houses with the best idea and business plan. Your time could be spent: advising a House group on how to develop their ideas and business plan; delivering a lecture or more informal talk, or joining a bank of Entrepreneurs whose expertise could be called on as necessary.

The programme has produced a number of success stories. Most recently, Wavelength Ltd (Chichester) developed an app that acts as a hub to give last minute alerts to live music performances at a reduced price, as well as promoting innovative new bands through its series of New Wave Concerts. It is now ready to launch on the Apple store. Work has started on securing further promoters and venues before the launch and also on fundraising through Kickstarter.

The prize money helped eTrack (Abraham) to sell their key tracking device in the UK through a sophisticated website made in the Ukraine. There was a hiccough when the initial batch was delivered from China and had to be turned back do to a lack of import documentation, but the learning curve was better than the disappointment and sales have continued to grow since.

While in 2014, Epiphany Studios Ltd (Ryle) used the prize money to advance their innovative computer game, Mini Mayhem. Upon leaving school, they worked solidly for 6 months until they had a proof of concept. Armed with this one core level, they planned to continue to commercialise the full game, but could not secure additional funding.

"Tell someone to come up with an idea, and you can see this snowball effect, people create and play with it. Pupils need to be given application and knowledge, not just knowledge. That's why this competition is revolutionary." Harrison Perry, MD, Epiphany Studios Ltd.

For further details please contact Sally Woodmansey, Director of Entrepreneurship, on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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