Wednesday, 04 March 2009

W.Bro. Christopher Apps gave an interesting paper entitled “In the beginning...” which traced the history of operative masonry from the 13th century with its lodges until the formation of the present speculative lodges in the 17th century with its culmination in 1717 with the formation of the United Grand Lodge of England which is now a world wide organisation.

The meeting was followed by an excellent dinner in the College at which the Master, W.Bro. Richard Lynch-White presided. The Lodge was formed in 1920 and during the past 89 years has been a cornerstone of the OBA. It meets four times a year in the College in January, April and June with the installation meeting of the new Master in September, and we dine well after each meeting in the College.

Since 1920 the Lodge has supported the College with its own unique Scholarship Fund which has enabled many outstanding pupils to complete their education in the College.

The Lodge also supports the various Masonic Charities which together raise the second largest sum for charity after the National Lottery. In Sussex for the past few years we support the “Sussex4Sussex” appeal which has raised over £1.6m for local charities in Sussex.

Any OB or former parent of an OB is entitled to become a member and should contact the Secretary, W.Bro. Michael Sword-Daniels on 01273 / 479195 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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