Rev. David Grigor (former College Chaplain), Rev Canon C J (Bill) Peters (Chaplain, 1950-69) and present Chaplain, Father Robert Easton (School Chaplain) at the 2006 Old Brightonian Day
Saturday, 02 March 2013

It is with great sadness that we report that the much loved Rev Canon C J (Bill) Peters (Chaplain, 1950-69) has died. The College held a Memorial to celebrate his life on Saturday 2nd March 2013.

Those in attendance included:

Chris Apps (H./A. 1942-1946)

Robin Barrett (L. 1964-1970)

Timothy Bavin (C. 1949-1954)

Nicholas Betteridge (D. 1956-1961)

Michael Bishop (C. 1960-1965)

Bill Blackshaw (Brighton College Headmaster 1971-1987)

Rev. Andrew Burtt (Brighton College Chaplain 1994-2003)

Brian Buss (D. 1952-1957)

Richard Buxton (L./B.1950-1956)

Michael Chowen (BCJS Head Governor)

Peter Coates (Brighton College Staff 1981-1990)

Ian Cobbold (L. 1958-1963)

Peter Cockburn (S. 1959-1964)

Peter Cole (L. 1957-1961)

John Crosthwaite (H. 1946-1949)

Richard Daking (S.1954-1959)

John Davison (C. 1951-1955)

Ian Dodd (H. 1955-1960)

Andrew Duke (L. 1961-1966)

Jeremy Dutton (A. 1964-1969)

James Evans (L. 1964-1969)

Stephen Frizell (B. 1969-1973)

Richard Frizell (A. 1947-1950)

Beryl Gardner (Brighton College Staff)

Peter Gareh (D. 1962-67)

Mark Gourley (C. 1965-1970)

Robert Harris (H.1962-1967)

Geoff Havers (C/H. 1945-1950)

Brian Hendry (S. 1950-1955)

David Hurst (H. 1951-1956)

Jeremy Hutchins (S. 1960-1965)

Mark Johnson (C. 1964-1969)

Derek Jones (C. 1945-1951)

Rodney Langridge (A. 1953-1961)

Tim Loadsman (L. 1951-1957)

Timothy Lockwood (H. 1963-1968)

Gamon McLellan (A. 1962-1967)

Tony Merrifield (H. 1953-1958)

David Nelson-Smith (H. 1949-1955)

David Newman (S. 1955-1960)

Simon Paterson (L. 1961-1966)

Simon Peters

Peter Points (Brighton College Common Room 1963-1969)

John Polsue (B. 1965-1969)

Leonard Rea (H./C. 1946-1951)

Gerard Ryan (L. 1946-1950)

Paul Ryan (L/C. 1949-1955)

Tom Salmons (L. 1957-1961)

Alan Seager (C. 1948-1953)

Gordon Smith (B. 1946-1952)

Peter Smith (A. 1950-1953)

Simon Smith (Brighton College Common Room 1973-2011)

Richard Stewart

Michael Sword-Daniels (D. 1961-1965)

Logan Taylor (H. 1957-1962)

Roger Tuffin (L. 1964-1970)

Anthony Vernon (B. 1950-1954)

Ian White (H./C. 1956-1962)

Christopher Whitton (B. 1959-1963)

Raymond Wicks (C. 1957-1962)

Hilda Williamson (OBA Brighton College staff)

Kenneth Wilson-Wheeler (L. 1954-1959)

Tony Woodthorpe (L. 1949-1953)

Mark Beard Acting Head Master

John Weeks Deputy Head

Debra Chalmers Director of Development & Alunni Relations

Sandy Chenery Director of Music

Father Robert Easton Brighton College Chaplain

Rebecca Findlay Old Brightonians

Joyce Heater Archivist

Jill Sherratt Director of Philanthropy

Described by Brighton College Chaplain Father Robert Easton as a "Grand old Man of God", Bill served the school for 19 years, and the Church for 70 years before eventually retiring last year. "He was a marvellous school chaplain. understanding, kind, and humorous, and will be fondly remembered by generations of pupils who passed through the College in his time" Lord Robert Skidelsky (C. 1953-58), Chairman of the College Governors.

The Old Brightonians extend their very sincerest condolences to his son Simon, daughter-in-law Paula and two grandchildren.

A memorial service was held at the Chrurch of the Holy Cross in Uckfield on 4th October 2012, the Order of Service for which can be viewed here. A full transcript of the service and photos from the day can be found here.

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