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05 January 2023

Our Alumni: Ayan Panja (Ha. 1986-91)

Ayan Panja (Ha. 1986-91) is a GP, broadcaster, writer and educator who describes himself as an expert generalist. His book, The Health Fix, explores lifestyle-based interventions to improve your day-to-day health in a tailored and targeted way.

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04 October 2013

A new show on Channel 4 for Dr Ayan Panja (H. 1986-91)

Dr Ayan Panja (H. 1986-91 - twitter.com/Dr_Ayan) is to star in a new show on Channel 4 called Health Freaks. Examining home remedies as part of a panel of GPs, Ayan and two colleagues will decide whether a remedy is worth trialling on the public or is simply barmy.

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21 June 2010

Dr. Ayan Panja (H. 1986-91)

Dr Ayan Panja is one of the UK's most well respected media doctors.

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10 December 2009

Dr. Ayan Panja (H.1986-91) on new show, "Celebrity Quitters"

Ayan is fronting another prime time series, working title "Celebrity Quitters", this time made by Tiger Aspect for FIVE (to be aired mid january) funded by the NHS and the show follows Ayan and Big Brother psychologist Cecilia d'Felice help five celebrities quit smoking who all have cameras on them 24-7.

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09 January 2007

REPORT: OBA London Drinks January 2007

"Come along, it will be great!" If I have heard it once, I have heard it... oooohhh... 7 or 8 times. This time I did come along and, do you know what, it was good. Damn good. In fact the only negative about the evening was the fact that even more didn’t turn up.

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31 December 2006

Dr. Ayan Panja (H. 1986-91) on BBC1

Ayan is one of four doctors to feature in a new BBC1 series that takes four GPs out of their surgeries and on to the streets of Britain to diagnose the public wherever they happen to be - on the street, out shopping, in the office or on the bus home.

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