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19 February 2024

Chris Terrill (Al. 1965-70) to run Brighton Half Marathon on crutches for RNRMC

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) Ambassador aims to complete his 46th half marathon, and his first after hip-replacement surgery. 

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24 January 2023

Chris Terrill's (Al. 1965-70) new Royal Navy series out now

The Warship: Tour of Duty started on Sunday 22 January at 9pm on BBC2 and will run for six weeks.

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19 January 2023

Paul Llewellyn (Al. 1989-94) releases his book, Unshackled - Reimagining the Practice of Law

Unshackled reimagines the practice of law as a more humane and human-centred profession and acts as a call to action for the legal system.

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28 July 2022

Chris Terrill (Al. 1965-70) explores story of Marine A

Chris Terrill (Al. 1965-70) has been executive producer on a new Channel 4 film: War and Justice: The Case of Marine A. 

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13 January 2022

How to Build an Aircraft Carrier: Chris Terrill's (Al. 1965-70) new book

Film-maker, author and anthropologist, Chris Terrill (Al. 1960-75) tells the enthralling story of the HMS Queen Elizabeth, the Royal Navy's largest ever warship, in his new book, which is released 20th January 2022.

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20 September 2021

Chris Terrill's (Al. 1965-70) moving documentary The Last Mountain airs on BBC 2

Documentary-maker, anthropologist and adventurer, Chris Terrill's (Al. 1965-70) new feature-length documentary, The Last Mountain, is being aired on BBC 2 and iPlayer on Sunday 26th September at 9 pm.

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31 October 2019

Chris Terrill's (Al. 1965-70) new series "Britain's Biggest Warship: Goes to Sea" airs on BBC 2

Chris Terrill (Al. 1965-70) has been working on a brand new BBC 2 series “Britain’s Biggest Warship: Goes to Sea”, which started on Sunday 27th October at 8pm, and continues for the next two weeks.

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11 April 2018

Chris Terrill (Al. 1965-70) and "Britain's Biggest Warship" on BBC2 this week

Chris Terrill (Al. 1965-70) has a brand new 3 part series starting on BBC2 at 8pm on Sunday 15th April telling the story of "Britain's biggest Warship". It is the inside story of HMS Queen Elizabeth, the largest and most advanced warship ever constructed in Britain.

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04 January 2018

Chris Terrill (Al. 1965-70) to be made Honorary Doctor of Science

Chris Terrill (Al. 1965-70) is to be made Honorary Doctor of Science on Friday 12 January 2018 at 10.00am at Durham Cathedral.

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11 December 2015

VIDEO: Chris Terrill (Al. 1965-70) receives Lifetime Achievement Award by the Maritime Foundation

Two weeks ago at the Institute of Directors Chris had the honour of receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Maritime Foundation.

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07 October 2015

New documentary by Chris Terrill (Al. 1965-70)

In a new documentary Chris Terrill (Al. 1965-70) shines a light on the wives and girlfriends of Royal Marines, filming them on a 104 mile 'yomp' - a 36 hour non-stop march along the entire length of the South Downs Way.

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08 December 2014

Chris Terrill (Al. 1965-70), OB of the Month, December 2014

Documentary film-maker, author and all round adventurer, Chris Terrill certainly has some tales to tell from his days at Brighton College through to today, we managed to find time in his schedule to draw out some of those stories...

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02 December 2014

A new series by Chris Terrill (A. 1965-70) premieres tomorrow night (Wed 3rd December 2014)

Wednesday night at 7pm sees the start of a exciting new series 'Living on the Edge' in which Chris travels alone with his camera to some of the most extreme environments on the planet to find out how and why people live in the grip of nature at her most ferocious and threatening. Tune in to Channel 5 at 7pm on 3rd, 10th and 17th December. In the first episode, 'Blood in the Water', Chris travels to Mauritania where he takes to the high seas with some of the hardest fishermen in the world who risk their lives daily to eke out a meagre living.

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06 June 2014

A new show by Chris Terrill (A. 1965-70): "Commando: Return to the Front Line", ITV1, Wed 11th June 2014

"It feels pretty strange that I'm going to be going back there, I had thought that I'd seen the last of the place. I am fearful that nothing will have changed and that, indeed, it may have gotten worse. I think I probably was quite pessimistic when I left." - Bertie Kerr, former Royal Marines Commando


This new ITV documentary features former Royal Marine officer Bertie Kerr and his emotional return to Afghanistan, eight years after he was first plunged into the planet's most dangerous war just three weeks after passing out as a young officer.

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09 April 2014

Chris Terrill (A. 1965-70)'s new show, "Marine A: Criminal or Casualty of War?" on BBC1 tonight

Alexander Blackman, a Royal Marine sergeant, was convicted and jailed for life for shooting an injured Afghan insurgent on the front line. Some condemn him as a war criminal; others claim he is a casualty of war. The nation is divided.

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13 November 2013

A new show from Chris Terrill (A. 1965-70) on Channel 5: "Surviving"

Channel 5's new show sees Chris travel to the most extreme environments on Earth, to meet people who endure ferocious conditions all year round.

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08 April 2013

A new documentary series from Chris Terrill (A. 1965-70) broadcasting on Channel 5

Every year, 20,000 people leave the armed forces, but how do they cope with the return to civilian life? It's a question that British journalist and filmmaker Chris Terrill (A. 1965-70) has set out to answer in this four-part documentary series.

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18 June 2012

Chris Terrill (A. 1965-70) produces, directs & films "Theatre of War" for BBC1

As reported in the last edition of The Pelican, Chris Terrill has been working on a project called 'Theatre of War' which will be shown on BBC1 at 10.35 on 26th June.

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23 January 2012

Chris Terrill (A. 1965-70) new series on Channel 5

My new series "Royal Marines: Mission Afghanistan" starts on Jan 30th on Five at 9pm.

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25 January 2011

Chris Terrill (A. 1965-70)'s new documentary: "Royal Navy - Caribbean Patrol"

I have just spent six months at sea with the Royal Navy to make a prime time series for Five.

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22 December 2009

Chris Terrill (A. 1965-70)'s new documentary: "War Torn Warriors"

Chris' new documentary, "War Torn Warriors" starts on December 22nd in Sky1- A group of Britain’s bravest heroes find themselves on the front line of an entirely different battle in this two-part special. An inspiring documentary, War Torn chronicles the experiences of injured British service personnel as they embark on the journey of a lifetime, scaling the Everest region of the Himalayas.

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28 November 2009

REPORT: OBA Annual Dinner 2009

This year’s dinner was a very well attended affair held in a warm and dry Dining Hall while the rain and wind lashed outside.

This notwithstanding the Diners enjoyed a wonderful speech from Old Brightonian Chris Terrill (A. 1965-70); a genuinely warm and heartfelt account of his time at the College whilst acknowledging that things have generally changed for the better for current pupils. It was good to see that he’d brought props, and these included his old boater... which seemed to still fit!

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17 June 2009

Chris Terrill (A. 1965-70)

Chris Terrill is a documentary maker with more than 100 films to his name. Terrill photographs, records and directs all his own films which range from the purely observational to the investigative.

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12 November 2007

Chris Terrill (A. 1965-70) Wins Green Beret

I recently finished making an 8 part series for ITV called Commando - "On the Front Line". I Wrote a book to go with it and managed to win my own Green Beret with the Royal Marine Commandos.

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22 November 2005

Chris Terrill (A. 1965-70) has a new series: "Shipmates"

Chris Terrill (A. 1965-70), has a new series on BBC 1 for 5 weeks from 22nd November 2005.

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