Written by Julian Withers (H. 1976-81)
Sunday, 12 June 2011

Old Brightonians 103 for 3, lost to Oundle Rovers 104 for 3. Despite the drought of the early summer, the day of the first round of the Cricketer Cup dawned with rain, that wet sort of rain that continues all day. Undaunted by the wet conditions, eleven Old Brightonians travelled to Oundle for the fixture. It was decided by both teams that only a ten over match in the rain was possible, not ideal but a better alternative to replaying the game the following weekend.

Brighton won the toss and, electing to bat, scored an impressive 103 for 3 in the ten overs available. A fine 63 not out from Adam Davies, playing his first game in the competition, provided the backbone of the innings, but he was ably supported by Oliver Gatting and the captain, Patrick Spencer. Some slightly wayward balls by our medium pacers in conditions not conducive to accurate bowling, enabled the lusty hitters in Oundle’s top order to put them on course. However, very tight overs from Felix Jordan and Patrick Spencer restored the balance in what was a competitive match throughout. Oundle required thirteen runs to win off the last over, and Ben Hansford was given the unenviable task of bowling it. Thirteen off six balls was quickly reduced to six off two, with the Brightonians perhaps the favourites. Sadly for us, a fine blow from the Oundle number five, one which cleared the boundary by a considerable distance, resulted in a win for Oundle, with a ball to spare.

Though weather rather blighted the game, Patrick Spencer deserves every credit for putting together a good young team, as does every member of the team for putting up with such a long drive with little prospect of a full game of cricket. Let’s hope that next year brings better weather and greater success, but the same enthusiasm from the most talented of the recent leavers.

The Old Brightonian XI: Oliver Gatting (H. 2003-08), Adam Davies (L. 2005-2010), Patrick Spencer (R. 1994-99) (Capt.), Felix Jordan (S. 2004-09), Chris Grammer (D. 1998-03), Elliot Cloy (A. 2002-05), Ben Hansford (S. 2002-07), Matthew Commin (H. 2002-07), Julian Barr (H. 1997-02), Alwyn Frank (R. 1995-97), Julian Withers (H 1976-81).

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