Georgine Millar, Nicole Benn (née Streak) & Tosin Akinluyi
Written by James Temple-Smithson (R.1987-92)
Friday, 26 October 2012

On Friday 26th October, Georgina Millar (F. 1990-92) and I (with quite a lot of help from a long list of others) organised a reunion and fundraising dinner to mark the 10th Anniversary of the Bali bombing, in which our friend, OB Daniel Braden (R. 1987-92) was killed. It coincided with 20 years since we left Brighton College.

In total, we mananged to separate a group of very generous OBs, friends and family from precisely £4,000 of their hard-earned cash, which will go to support the work of the:

Encompass Trust brings together young people from countries and cultures in conflict. They share ten days of intense adventure, activity and learning. Ingrained antagonisms dissolve, to be replaced by a simple recognition of their common humanity. And so young people complete what they call the "Journey of Understanding". A journey which ends with a new beginning, as they return to their communities to create projects which inspire others with the same transformative vision.

Looking perhaps slightly less fresh-faced than 20 years ago, but otherwise pretty much the same and in mid-season form were the following OBs:

Roger Ganpatsingh (A. 1987-92)

Tosin Akinluyi (F. 1990-92)

Dylan James (H. 1985-91)

Robert Morriston (R. 1987-92)

Nick Fokes (R. 1987-92)

Peter Fokes (A. 1988-93)

Nevice Hill (D. 1987-92)

Peter Papanichola (H. 1987-92)

Puraj Patel (R. 1987-92)

Alex Elliot (W. 1990-92)

Joshua Brett (R. 1987-92)

Dino Morra (D. 1987-92)

Georgina Millar (F. 1990-92)

James Temple Smithson (R. 1987-92)

Guy Bidwell (R. 1987-92)

Nicole Benn (F. 1989-91)

Adam Bidwell (R. 1988-93)

And present in spirit were Lisbeth Oleson (F. 1989-91), who kindly provided beautiful flowers for the evening, as well as Tony Whitestone (BC staff 1971-2006), Leigh (C. 1987-92) and Kate Blann (Née Kerridge) (W. 1988-93), Gavin Marshall (A. 1987-92) and Matthew Brown (A. 1985-90), who were not able to be there, but sent generous dontations.

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