Saturday, 06 March 2021

On Saturday 6th March, we hosted the annual Brighton College Professions Conference which this year, due to the pandemic, was entirely virtual. 

Tosin Akinluyi (Fe. 1990-92) opened the morning with an inspirational keynote, encouraging the pupils to think about what careers truly align with the values as they decide what it is they want to do. We had a full rostrum of speakers across a real range of professions and closed with a networking session with Ingram Losner (BCJS/Du. 1971-78), who took part in the Q & A live from his home in California. 

One of the pupils who attended, Darragh, wrote their thoughts on the Conference:

“On Saturday we enjoyed a very interesting and insightful Professions Conference. We started off the day with an engaging keynote speech from Tosin Akinluyi. She spoke in detail about her career path and the important steps that she took to reach her current role. The information and personal experience she shared with us will be invaluable in supporting our own career journeys. This was followed by specific career workshops to help us to gain a greater understanding of different opportunities available to us in different fields. After a quick refuel, it was time for the final talk of the day. Lead by Ingram Losner live from Los Angeles, our final talk focused on the importance of networking throughout our career adventure. Throughout this session, we were able to pick his brain on the nuances of networking; helping us all to gain a deeper understanding of how networking can help to shape our career opportunities. Having this conference online provided the opportunity to hear from a diverse multinational panel of experts in their fields."

Many thanks to all the Old Brightonians who made this event possible:

Tosin Akinluyi (Fe. 1990-92)
Ingram Losner (BCJS/Du. 1971-78)
Lucy Beauvallet (Ne. 2008-14)
James Skinner (BCJS/Ry. 1987-94)
David Gold (BCJS/Sc. 1983-91)
Hannah Fish (Fe. 2000-05)
Jonathan Haney (Ha. 1999-2013)
Shirley Waldron (Fe. 1976-78)
Will Marks (Du. 2001-12)
JP Carpenter (Ha. 1984-89)
Abbi Lulsegged (Sc. 1983-88)
Brad Vanstone (Sc. 2004-09)
Lexie Williams (Wi. 2013-15)
James Adutt (Le. 1982-87)

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