Written by Andrew Waugh (Ch. 1972-77)
Saturday, 16 December 2017

The Jesuit motto was ‘Give me a boy until he is seven and I will give you the man.’ Well, until 1977 Brighton College had this group until they were 17 and after 40 years it was clear that by 17 the die was cast and little had we changed. Sure, much of the mens' hair had moved from the scalp to the chin but, that apart, little had seemed to change especially amongst the girls for whom the years had been kinder.

A few marriages and children later we were all much the same and it was terrific that, thanks to Matt Hyams' (Hampden. 1975-77) organisation, so many of us were able to get together and reminisce. Thanks also to Veronika for organising a tour of the school grounds where, in contrast to the OBs themselves, change had proceeded apace with many of the school houses changed, if not abolished altogether (including my own, Chichester). The ideas of comfortable breakout and learning spaces were unheard of, but clearly the changes for the most part were progressive and made for a better place – including the removal of the dreaded detention board opposite Bert the Porter's Hut (dreaded by me at least).

I am sure we will reunite again and I am also sure that it will not be in another 40 years by which time we will be pushing 97 years old – but, for sure, we will not have changed much by that time either!"

The following leavers of 1977 reunited in Brighton after 40 years on Saturday 16th December. 

Andrew C Hill (School, 1971-1976)
Andrew P Waugh (Chichester, 1972-1977)
Geoff D Bailey (Aldrich, 1967-1977)
Gregory P Lester (Hampden, 1973-1976)
Ian C Pearce (Durnford, 1972-1977)
James Brenan (School, 1972-1977)
Jane E Amies (Fenwick, 1976-1977)
Janet Brown (Fenwick, 1975-1977)
Javad Kazemieh (School, 1972-1976)
John E Jackson (School, 1976-1980)
John Gavin (Chichester, 1973-1978)
Jonathan Dart (Hampden, 1972-1977)
Jonathan R Filby (Leconfield, 1972-1977)
Matthew R Hyams (Hampden, 1975-1977)
Michael L Polling (Chichester, 1972-1977)
Michael L Rents (Durnford, 1976-1978)
Mike Banner (Aldrich, 1972-1977)
Peter G Noble (Durnford, 1948-1951)
Russell J Piper (Bristol, 1972-1977)
Sally Haydock (Fenwick, 1975-1977)
Sheila S Hill (Fenwick, 1975-1977)
Simon N Gledhill (Chichester, 1972-1977)
Simon Smith (Assistant Master, 1973-1999, Second Master 1999-2011)
Toby J Everett (School, 1972-1977)

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