Wednesday, 02 December 2015

The Savile Club was a new venue for the Pioneers Club London Luncheon this year, courtesy of Gavin Henderson, CBE (Le. 1960-65), and what a beautiful venue it was.

There was a good turnout of OBs from as far back as 1944, who were there when Gavin was actually born at the College. After a few drinks we were treated to a delightful dinner, accompanied by some reminiscences from Gavin himself, a brief interlude from Anthony Arnold-Boakes (Ha. 1957-62) on the history of the building, as well as an update on the College today from current Assistant Head, Michael Sloan. After some more catching up with old friends, everyone went on their way (for some via the downstairs bar). Thank you to all of you who came, adn to Gavin for hosting, we hope to see you all again for the next Pioneers meet up in Brighton in May!

John Yule (Durnford 1944-50)
Stephen Gaydon (Durnford 1946-1950)
Jerome Freedman (Aldrich 1949-1952) & Louise Freedman
Peter Best (Aldrich 1951-1954)
David Nelson-Smith (Hampden 1949-1955)
Jeremy Miles (Chichester 1951-1956)
Tim Loadsman (Leconfield 1951-1957)
Malcolm Paris (Aldrich 1954-1958) & Angela Paris
Stephen Cockburn (Leconfield/School 1951-1958)
Roger Mason (Chichester 1956-59) & Maggie Mason
Andrew Symonds (Aldrich 1955-1959)
Anthony Arnold-Boakes (Hampden 1957-1962)
Logan Taylor (Hampden 1957-1962)
Richard White (School 1960-1964)
Gavin Henderson (Leconfield 1960-1965)
Michael Bishop (Chichester 1960-1965)
Jeremy Hutchins (School 1960-1965)
Miles Hutchins (School 1961-1965) & Zoe Hutchins
Alistair Wray (Leconfield 1963-1967)
Robin Ormerod (Leconfield 1964-1967) & Laura Ormerod
Nigel Wratten (1962-67) & Mrs Wratten
Richard Muir (Leconfield 1963-1968)
Peter Vizard (School 1964-1968)
David Wagg (Aldrich 1965-1969) & Mrs Wagg
Anthony Whitestone (Common Room 1971-2006)

Brighton College:
Simon Smith (Common Room 1973-2011)
Michael Sloan - Assistant Headmaster
Sandy Chenery - Director of Music
Rebecca Findlay - Old Brightonians
Abi Young - Old Brightonians

David Louisson
Peter Miller
Charles Zarb

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