Thursday, 09 April 2015

The sun was shining as the first few intrepid OBs made their way up the stairs to find each other for Brighton Drinks on Thursday.

With an encouragingly long guest list we were pleased to see so many Old Brightonians come along and share their Thursday evening with old friends, some of whom had not seen each other in the sixty-odd years since they left the College! Some more recent leavers turned up fashionably late to regale their old teachers with stories of gap years, university and beyond.

Alan Bird, Deputy Head, kindly thanked everyone for coming along and encouraged them to spread word of the growing OB community. Thank you again to all of you who joined us, we hope you all enjoyed seeing each other again and we’ll put it in the diary for next year!

Those attending included:

James Adutt (Leconfield 1982-1987)

Ed Allison-Wright (Durnford 2001-2006)

Joey Appleton (Durnford 1979-1984)

Shane Bhimji (Leconfield 2006-2011)

Peter Bowles (Aldrich 1945-1950)

Theo Bunce (Leconfield 2006-2011)

Justin Butler (Aldrich 1985-1990)

Jamie Cash (Hampden 2004-2012)

Russell Clarke (Hampden 1974-1979)

Spencer Douglas (Ryle 1997-2012)

Edward Flude (Aldrich 1976-1981)

Joe Gilmour (Aldrich 2008-2013)

Alexander Hardman (Aldrich 1982-1985)

Megan Harvey (Chichester 2011-2013)

Chris Ketley (Durnford 1974-1979)

Tim Loadsman (Leconfield 1951-1957)

Sarah Madden (Fenwick 1985-1987)

Samuel Meikle-Small (Leconfield 2006-2011)

Thomas Mitchell (Leconfield 2008-2013)

Chris Morey (Aldrich 1977-1985)

Charles Morriston (Ryle 1985-1990)

Michael Needham (Durnford 2008-2013)

Gabriel Panayiotou (Ryle 2008-2013)

Stefan Rijnbeek (Hampden 2005-2013)

Michael Stevenson (Ryle 2006-2013)

Amy Still (Seldon 1998-2013)

Adam Style (Leconfield 1976-1981)

Andrew Symonds (Aldrich 1955-1959)

David Thompson (Aldrich 1976-1981)

Jamie Thornely (Ryle 2007-2012)

Peter Tuffin (Leconfield 1975-1980)

Roger Tuffin (Leconfield 1964-1970)

Charlotte Varela (Williams 2009-2014)

Matthew Walters (Durnford 1977-1980)

Bertie Wilkins (Hampden 1975-1978)

John Yule (Durnford 1944-1950)


Sophie Buck (Williams 2011-2013)

Belinda Gottlieb (Fenwick 1979-1981)

Luke Littlewood (Ry. 1979-87)

Simon Pilbeam (Durnford 1974-1979)

Peter Somerville (Leconfield 1967-1972)

Harvey von Biel (Ryle 2009-2014)

Shirley Waldron (Fenwick 1976-1978)

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