New York Dinner 2011
Written by Ingram Losner (D. 1973-78)
Saturday, 19 March 2011

On a beautiful, early spring evening in the middle of March, 20 OBs and their partners gathered together in the beautiful Lotos Club, just a few blocks away from New York’s Central Park, to mark the re-birth of the “USA Friends of Brighton College”.

The occasion, organized by Development Director Debra Chalmers who has brought renewed energy and enthusiasm to her role, was attended by the Head Master, Richard Cairns; Second Master Simon Smith and Assistant Head, Alan Bird.

The setting was outstanding, the dinner (it had to have been at least 10 courses!) was superb and the company first class. Old acquaintances were re-made, new ones formed. Simon Smith, whose upcoming retirement after 38 years of service at the College was also celebrated at the Dinner, who even remembered the very first essay he set my class back in 1973 (The Elephant and the Butterfly).

Clearly the 75% grade he awarded me was not indicative of the extraordinary standards now being achieved by the school!!  I am fond of saying to friends and compatriots that I am a product of a school that has the best A Level results of any co-educational school in England. As they look at me in disbelief, I qualify my comments by referencing the more recent trends in excellence.

The strengthening of the OBA alumni group, as they call it in the States, is a long overdue and extremely welcome trend and one that I believe will further strengthen the unique bonds that exist between us and the College and will provide a powerful social, ambassadorial and development vehicle, allowing North American based OBs to remain connected and advocate for the school in the US.

Even before the last drop of port had been downed, we committed to make this at least an annual event. I am proud to have been asked to be the school’s “Ambassador” in the USA and look forward to assisting Debra and her team build the best overseas OB group on the planet!  I urge all US based OBs to contact myself or Debra to re-connect so that we can make this a reality.

From wherever you are, you can take the boy (or girl!) out of the College, but you can never take the College out of the boy (or girl!).

In the spirit of international fellowship….!

Ingram Losner (JS 1971-73, D. 1973-78)
USA OB Ambassador
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Attendees included:

Mrs Christa Aubrey-Smith               
Mr Peter Aubrey-Smith (C. 1957-62)
Mr Dyke Davies (S. 1978-83)
Mrs Debra Gaffey               
Mr Robert Gaffey (L. 1972-75)
Mr John Hinkson (C. 1978-83)
Mr Alex Hitchen (C. 1985-90)
Miss Louisa Rahmani               
Mr Ingram Losner (D. 1973-78)
Miss Catriona Lovie (W. 2003-05)
Mr Michael Gidaly               
Mr James Michael (A. 1983-88)
Ms Meiko Boynton               
Miss Mary-Alice Parks (F. 2004-05)
Miss Mary Billington

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