Written by Emma Appleby (Se. 2012-16)
Wednesday, 28 February 2018

With some many OBs attending Universities in the West of England, we decided that it would be only be fitting to host a dinner in Bristol following on from our OB London, Cambridge and Oxford dinners. 

"On 8th February, OBs from Bristol, Bath, Cardiff and Exeter dug out their black tie attire and headed to Hotel Du Vin in Bristol for the first OB West of England event. Joined by Mr Carhill and Mr Patton, they spent the evening remininscing, catching up on everyone's achievements since leaving school and discussing futures plans.

After a 3 course meal, plenty of drinks and a heart-felt speech from Mr Patton, the OBs left with the same feeling of community that Brighton College had provided in our years there.

With a strong turnout of over 25 OBs, we are looking forward to returning next year and making this an annual event."

Emma Appleby (Se. 2012-16)


Kate Appleby (Seldon, 2011-14)
Emma Appleby (Seldon, 2012-16)
Alex Brown (Hampden, 2007-17)
Theo Cook (School House, 2009-14)
Jennifer Coppinger (Seldon, 2010-14)
Amelia Craddock (Chichester, 2010-15)
Sam de Belder (Aldrich, 2007-14)
Liam Evans (Durnford, 2001-16)
Keziah Fish (Chichester, 2000-15)
Billy French (Hampden, 2009-14)
Mimi Fullerton (Seldon, 2011-16)
Amy Huyton-Taylor (Williams, 2012-14)
Jemima Johnston (New, 2011-16)
Alfie Laurence (School House, 2010-15)
Tom Liddell-Lowe (Hampden, 2005-14)
Finn Maunder (Hampden, 2009-14)
William Mower (Durnford, 2014-2-16)
Georgia Naar (New House, 2009-14)
Andrew Niblett (Hampden, 2004-14)
William Oxley (Leconfield, 2009-16)
Aidan Phillips-Cragg (Aldrich, 2009-16)
Victoria Poffley (Seldon, 2009-15)
Frankie Rae (Fenwick, 2014-16)
Tyler Savage (Durnford, 2009-14)
Ben Scarletti (Hampden, 2007-14)
Daniel Skeffington (Ryle, 2003-14)
Alasdair Sparling (Head's, 2009-15)
Alexandra Williams (Williams, 2013-15)

Joe Carr-Hill, Assistant Head
Alex Patton, Head of Sixth Form
Veronika Neroj, Old Brightonians 

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