Wednesday, 29 November 2017

This year saw the third OB London Universities Dinner and we were joined not only by teachers from the Common Room, but also one of our governors, Andrew Cayley (Br. 1977-82) who himself attended UCL. The Old Brightonians is strongly supported by the College Governors, and it was brilliant that Andrew was able to join us.

The OB London Universities Dinner was inaugurated three years ago, and grows in popularity each year. We have been attending the Emin Room at 34 Grosvenor Square, where we are always warmly welcomed and enjoy the ambiance as well as the art work which decorates the space- by YBA, Tracy Emin. This dinner, in particular, was very meaningful to us, as it was the last of the OB events where we were joined by Alan Bird, Deputy Headmaster, as we see him leave at the end of this Michaelmas term to become Head Master at the City of London School. Tessa Hutchinson (Fe. 2006-13) shared with us some of her reflections on her time at the College, as well as the meaning of being an OB and the fantastic network that you are part of. Shaan Bains (Ch. 2010-15) has been to every dinner so far, and shares her thoughts below.

I have been attending this annual event since I started my undergraduate degree at UCL. This year was particularly nostalgic for me, as it is my last year at university. What I love most about OB events is the strong sense of community, as we are all connected by our time at the College, and at this particular dinner, our experience of studying in London. The OB community is special, and something one often lacks at university, especially in a big city like London, so I always look forward to attending OB events. As always, it was lovely to catch up with old friends as well as foster new friendships. I am very much looking forward to the OB London Drinks in February!
Written by Shaan Bains (Ch. 2010-15)

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Photographs from the OB London Universities Dinner can be found here.


Tom Azimrayat Andrews (Aldrich, 2005- 2016) Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London
Elias Badin (Leconfield, 2016- 2017) Medicine, Queen Mary University of London
Shaan Bains (Chichester, 2010- 2015) English, University College London
Tobias Benzecrit (Leconfield, 2005- 2017) History, London School of Economics
Andrew Cayley (Bristol, 1977- 1982)
Natalie Chung (Fenwick, 2015- 2017) International Relations, London School of Economics
Emily Clifford (Chichester, 2011- 2015) Physiotherapy, King's College London
Amy Davila (Chichester, 2010- 2015) Biomedical Science, Imperial College London
Dessy Demi (Fenwick, 2011- 2013) German with Business Management, Queen Mary University of London
Shiwen Ding (Abraham, 2011- 2013) Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London
Maya Djingova (New House, 2010- 2015) Banking & Int Finance, Cass Business School
Olivia Dupere (Williams, 2006- 2017) Medicine, Queen Mary University of London
Herman Eaves (Ryle, 2010- 2016) Financial Mathematics and Statistics, London School of Economics
Michael Gaffney (Ryle, 2006- 2015) Economics, London School of Economics
Lara Gheriani (Fenwick, 2013- 2017) Ancient and Modern History, King's College London
Archie Greenslade (Ryle, 1999- 2014) Medicine, King's College London
Tegh Gujral (Durnford, 2009- 2014) Information Technology Management for Business, Queen Mary University of London
William Haines (Ryle, 2010- 2017) Classics, University College London
Olivia Hardy (New House, 2009- 2014) Ancient History and Egypt'l, University College London
Ellice Hetherington (Williams, 2010- 2017) Classics, University College London
Tessa Hutchinson (Fenwick, 2006- 2013) Government and Economics, London School of Economics
Daniel Keshet (Ryle, 2010- 2015) History, Queen Mary University of London
Joy Lee (New, 2015- 2017) Psychology, University College London
Marcus Lee (Ryle, 2006- 2016) Law, University College London
Vincent Li (Leconfield, 2008- 2013) Mathematics with Modern Languages, University College London
Eve Lian (Fenwick, 2010- 2012) , Imperial College London
Thomas Linsdell (Durnford, 2002- 2017) Medicine, St George's, University of London
Will Longley (Hampden, 2012- 2017) Law, University College London
Dmitry Lysenko (School, 2012- 2014) Economics, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
Thomas Mohan (Durnford, 2009- 2014) PPE, St Catherine's College, Oxford
William Pointeau (Abraham, 2013- 2017) Economics, London School of Economics
Sophie Preston (Fenwick, 2015- 2017) Biological Sciences with a Year in Industry/Research, Imperial College London
Francesca Scott (Chichester, 2015- 2017) Medicine, Imperial College London
Ashkon Seyed-Safi (Aldrich, 2006- 2013) Medicine, St John's College, Cambridge
Milan Shah (Durnford, 2011- 2016) Geography, London School of Economics
Peran Soady (Durnford, 2001- 2016) Economics, London School of Economics
Petr Svoren (Hampden, 2010- 2017) Politics, King's College London
Karim Tam (Abraham, 2013- 2017) Economics, London School of Economics
Jake Thomas (Ryle, 2007- 2017) Religion, Philosophy & Ethics, King's College London
Finley Thomas (Hampden, 2010- 2017)
Finbar Tilford (Leconfield, 2012- 2014) International Politics, King's College London
Jamie Tiru (Fenwick, 2011- 2013) History, King's College London
Teddy Truneh (Leconfield, 2007- 2012) Medicine, Churchill College, Cambridge
Christie Wong (Fenwick, 2013- 2017) Law, London School of Economics
Wesley Yiu (Abraham, 2013- 2017) Economics, London School of Economics
Alan Bird, Deputy Headmaster
Nicky Collins, Assistant Head
Leah Hamblett, Deputy Headmistress
Alex Patton, Head of Sixth Form
Scott Sheridan (Director of Development and Engagement)
Veronika Neroj (Old Brightonians)

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